AltFinder (Bungee) 2.4.18

Track and find potential alt accounts with ease

  1. egg82
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Looking for the Bukkit version? Find it here!

    Single / Personal servers
    Simply drop the jar into your "plugins" folder. The auto-generated config should default to reasonable values for you, but you may modify it if you wish.

    Multiple servers / Large networks
    Drop the jar into the plugins folder and configure the "sql" section to use MySQL instead of SQLite. RabbitMQ and/or Redis are optional but highly recommended if you have multiple servers.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have multiple servers, either use a shared MySQL database or set up Redis or RabbitMQ. Data desync issues will occur if this does not happen.

    Code (Text):
    # How the plugin stores long-term data
      # The storage method
      # Options:
      # - MySQL (remote)
      # - SQLite (local)
      method: 'sqlite'

        # Address and port of the remote database (if applicable)
        address: ''
        # The name of the database AltFinder will store data in
        # If you're using remote options, this must be created beforehand
        database: 'altfinder'
        # Table prefix for all AltFinder tables
        prefix: 'altfinder_'
        # Database credentials (if applicable)
        username: ''
        password: ''
        # Whether or not to use SSL
        ssl: false

        # MongoDB options- obviously don't need to worry about these if not using MongoDB ;)
          # Connection prefix for all AltFinder connections
          collection-prefix: ''
          # MongoDB ClientConnectionURI
          connection-uri: ''

        # The maximum size of the database connection pool
        # Determines the max number of connections to the database
        max-pool-size: 2
        # The minimum size of the satabase connection pool
        # Determines the min number of connections kept alive to the database
        min-idle: 2
        # The maximum lifetime of a connection in the pool
        # Should be at least 30 seconds less than any database or infrastructure-imposed connection time limit
        max-lifetime: 1800000 # 30 minutes
        # The maximum number of milliseconds that the plugin will wait for a new connection from the pool before timing out
        timeout: 5000 # 5 seconds

        # Extra connection properties
          unicode: true
          encoding: 'utf8'

    # Redis is a very fast cache accessible by multiple servers
    # If you don't want to constantly hit your database for queries, try enabling and configuring this
    # You will need to install the (external) Redis server software if you haven't already
      enabled: false
      # Address and port of the remote Redis server
      address: ''
      # Redis credentials
      password: ''

    # RabbitMQ is a messaging queue that will allow the plugin to push instant updates across multiple servers
    # You will need to install the (external) RabbitMQ server software if you haven't already
      enabled: false
      # Address and port of the remote RabbitMQ server
      address: ''
      # RabbitMQ credentials
      username: 'guest'
      password: 'guest'

    # When true, logs some extra output to the console so you can see if/why things might be failing
    debug: false

    # A list of player UUIDs and/or IPs to ignore
    - ''
    - 'localhost'
    - '::1'
    #- '069a79f4-44e9-4726-a5be-fca90e38aaf5' #Notch

      # Whether or not to send anonymous usage statistics to bStats
      # True: Send anonymous stats; let the author know how well the plugin is doing and how it's used!
      # False: Do not send stats and make the author sad :(
      usage: true
      # Whether or not to send anonymous errors to the author
      # True: Send errors anonymously to Rollbar and/or GameAnalytics so the author can fix them!
      # False: Do not send errors and wonder why any bugs you encounter haven't beeen fixed
      errors: true

      # Whether or not to automatically check for updates and notify the console if found
      check: true
      # Whether or not to notify players with the altfinder.admin permission node
      notify: true

    # Config version, no touchy plz
    version: 3.0
    /seen <ip|name> - Shows the last logout time of a player.
    /altfinder reload - Reloads the plugin.
    /altfinder search|find - Finds potential alt accounts on the IP or player specified.
    /altfinder delete|del|gdpr - Removes a given IP or player from the system.

    altfinder.admin - gives access to reload and delete commands, and notifies of updates
    altfinder.seen - perm node for /seen - perm nodes for the search command

    Please consider donating to support this free plugin!

    According to the GDPR, you must specify that you are storing IP information to your players in a privacy policy when using this plugin (actually you need that if you're running a vanilla server without this plugin because of server logs). You may also be required to remove some data using the provided commands.
    Disclaimer: I am a plugin developer, not a lawyer. This information is provided as a "best guess" and is not legal advice.

    Code (Text):
    Latest Repo

    API usage
    Code (Text):
    long getCurrentSQLTime();
    void addPlayerData(UUID uuid, String ip, String server);
    void removePlayerData(UUID uuid);
    void removePlayerData(String ip);
    ImmutableSet<PlayerData> getPlayerData(UUID uuid);
    ImmutableSet<PlayerData> getPlayerData(String ip);


    ImmutableSet<PlayerData> data = api.getPlayerData("");
    PlayerData d = data.get(0); // Somehow
    Example - list all players logged into all IPs that a specified player has ever logged in on
    Code (Text):
    ImmutableSet<PlayerData> uuidData = api.getPlayerData(uuid);
    Set<PlayerData> altData = new HashSet<>(uuidData);

    for (PlayerData data : uuidData) {

    altData.removeIf(v -> uuid.equals(v.getUUID())); // This now contains all potential alts, minus the original uuid that was searched for
    Example - emulate Essentials /seen
    Code (Text):
    ImmutableSet<PlayerData> data = api.getPlayerData(ip);
    for (PlayerData d : data) {

    List<PlayerData> sorted = new ArrayList<>(data);

    if (data.isEmpty()) {
        sender.sendMessage("No players have logged in from " + ip);
    } else {
        for (PlayerData data : sorted) {
            String name = getName(data.getUUID());
            sender.sendMessage("Player: " + (name != null ? ChatColor.GREEN + name : ChatColor.RED + "UNKNOWN"));
            sender.sendMessage(" - First seen: " + getTime(data.getCreated(), api.getCurrentSQLTime()) + " ago");
            sender.sendMessage(" - Last seen: " + getTime(data.getUpdated(), api.getCurrentSQLTime()) + " ago on " + data.getServer());
            sender.sendMessage(" - IP Login Count: " + data.getCount());


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    Version: 2.4.18
    Thanks for creating a bungee version of this! So far it works flawlessly. Great plugin!
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      Author's Response
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