AltFinder 3.4.24

Track and find potential alt accounts with ease

  1. Tons of bug fixes

    * Added pagination to /seen
    * /seen now requires altfinder.seen.ip in order to search for/show IPs
    * Fixed issue with a random "method not found" exception on load, regarding Guava
    * Fixed "runs better on X" message firing when using a forked project
    * Code cleanup with fetching player name/UUID
  2. Dep updates

    Nothing major here yet, but it's nice to fix some minor things every now and then.
  3. More loading speed improvements!

    * Increased loading speed another ~25x
    * Fixed edge-case in SQL where non-standard timezones would crash the plugin.
  4. Performance Improvements

    * Improved load time of the plugin by 300-800%
  5. Codebase Rewrite

    Not quite a full rewrite of everything, but pretty close! This offers performance improvements, better support for more systems, and of course some odd bug fixes.
  6. Update to 1.14

    * Updated to work with 1.14
    * Server name is now taken from a file called "server-name.txt" in the plugin directory. Please change this if you want server names to continue to be accurate.
    * The "server-name.txt" file can be reloaded with the "altfinder reload" command
  7. Fixed Bugs & Updated Deps

    Updated deps
    /seen now overrides by default
    Fixed rare error spam on shutdown
    Fixed UUID lookup (rate-limit) being erroneously triggered
    Made versioning sane (API can now be used properly)
    Added command completions for players
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  8. Bug fixes & improvements

    * Improved MySQL speed
    * Added SSL option for remote databases
    * Fixed event handling
    * Fixed errors on shutdown
  9. Bug Fixes & Events

    Re-ordered event priority and moved events to play with other plugins more nicely
    Fixed deps, SQL table issues, Rabbit shutdown issue
  10. SQL & Reload Fixes

    Fixed issues with bad SQL tables
    Fixed issue where reload command wouldn't reload services like SQL, Redis, or rabbit