alveran-sudo 1.3.0

Temporary claim additional permissions

  1. Kirastur
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    • 1.16
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    The main purpose of this plugin is that a player can accquire temporary permission by his own (like Linux "sudo").
    This plugin is written for a very specific scenario, so don't expect a general "sudo" solution here.

    Use Case
    You have a trusted player who sometimes needs a special permission, but you don't want to walk him around all the time with this right.

    So you set up a scenario where he can claim the permission on his own. In a role-play world the player can go to a temple and gets a "blessing", e.g. he executes a command there or triggers a command block.

    For example the player sometimes wants to edit a command block, and for this he needs OP status. Then the "blessing" could be a LuckPerms group containing the "luckperms.autoop" permission which gives the player OP. (For this, "auto-op" must be set to TRUE in LuckPerms configuration).

    For a simple implementation do the following:
    1. Create a region in WorldGuard and name it "alveran".
    2. Create a LuckPerms Group and name it "alveran".
    3. Give your player the permission "alveran.acolyte".
    4. With you player move inside the region.
    5. Execute "/alveran" from the console or from a command block
    Now you can see the result:
    1. A message printed in the cosole that the player was blessed.
    2. The player gets a message about his blessing.
    3. In LuckPerms the player has an additional temp group

    This plugin depends on LuckPerms and WorldGuard.

    Please see our Github Wiki at

    For support please contact us as discord

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