Alyandria's Essential Plugin 1.10-1.16.2

Commands, Features, and Items

  1. Alyandria
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    /RTP and /PMail have been removed
    and put into separate plugins.

    Essential Commands, Features,
    and Items for your Minecraft Server

    Version 1.10-1.16.2

    Special Items
    (Use /GiveSpecial command to obtain these items)
    • Wand of Moving Inventory (NEW!)
      • Move all items from one chest to another
    • Wand of Illumination
      • Lights your way without torches!
    • Wand of Resurrection
      • Brings undead creatures back to life!
    • Wand of Battle
      • Damage and push back enemies within a 5-block radius
    • Lightning Bow
      • Send lightning to your opponents!
    • Teleport Bow
      • Teleport to where your arrow lands.
      • Watch where you point that thing!
    • Anti-Gravity Bow
      • Send your enemies flying!
    • Book of Repair
      • Grants player use of /repair command for 10 minutes
    • Book of Invulnerability
      • Grants player use of /nodamage command for 15 minutes
    • Book of Flying
      • Grants player use of /fly command for 24hrs
    • /AddPermission
      • Grant any player a specific permission for a period of time!
    • /Fly
      • Toggles a players ability to fly
    • /Repair
      • Repair damage to item in hand or all inventory
    • /MyHome
      • Save up to 5 home locations
    • /NoDamage
      • Toggle players ability to take damage
    • /GiveSpecial <special item>
      • Command to give special items available from this plugin
        • Wand of Inventory - inventorywand
        • Wand of Illumination – lightwand
        • Wand of Battle – battlewand
        • Wand of Resurrection - undeadwand
        • Lightning Bow - lightbow
        • Teleport Bow - teleportbow
        • Anti-Gravity Bow - agbow
        • Book of Flying - flybook
        • Book of Invulnerability- nodamagebook
        • Book of Fixing - fixbook
    New Recipes
    • Lead, Saddle, Name Tag, Elytra

    • Jump Pads
      • Construct jump pads to launch players into the air!
      • 3 levels of jump pads can be constructed (Redstone block, Diamond Block, and Emerald Block) with a stone pressure plate.

    • Motd (Message of the day)
      • You can add a motd.txt file which will be displayed when a player joins
      • You can update this message without restarting or reloading the server
    • Update Available Notification
      • Get notifications when new plugin versions are available!
    Command Permissions
    (These permissions only affect the use of commands. Only give these permissions to players if you want them to have full-time access to that command. You can use the AddPermission command to give permissions for a specific period of time.)

    Default Config

    Death_Sound_Pitch: 0.75
    Enable_Launchpads: true
    Emerald_Launchpad_Velocity: 6
    Diamond_Launchpad_Velocity: 4
    Redstone_Launchpad_Velocity: 2
    Launchpad_NoFallDamage_Time: 5000
    Enable_Fly: true
    Enable_Repair: true
    Enable_MyHome: true
    Enable_GiveSpecial: true
    Enable_NoDamage: true
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Recent Updates

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  2. Bug Fixes
  3. Wand and Command Update!