Amazing Fishing 1.6

Make fishing more interesting !

  1. Bugs fixed & Added back buttons

    + Fixed cancel buttons
    + Fixed bug when player close shop and in shop are items, shop has remove all items, now shop give all items back to player
    + Optimized weight calculating and enchants (Amount bonus)
    + Added option to remove line of enchant description in editor (Right click)
    + Description of enchant now will be show in /Fish Enchant, added placeholder %cost% to description of enchant
    + Added back buttons to all GUIs in Help GUI
  2. Big update!

    + Removed depends for ServerControlReloaded and Vault plugin
    + Fixed enchants (amount of fishes)
    + Fixed help gui
    + To the help gui added Enchant table
    + Fixed permissions in help gui
    + To the shop (/Fishing shop) added option to sell fishes! (Can be disable in config)
    + Added translations
    - Removed old datas of fishermens
  3. Help GUI Menu!

    + New help GUI menu (command: /fish, gui menu can be disabled in config)
    + Fish stats fixed
    + Registering records fixed
    + Fixed weight of fishes
    + Optimized plugin
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  4. Shop optimized!

    + Optimized shop gui
    + Fixed bugs
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  5. Stats fixed!

    + Fixed Fish Stats command
  6. Bugs fixed!

    + Fixed editor menu (fishes)
    + Fixed enchants