AnarBot, a fun skripted Minecraft chat bot 1.0

A Minecraft chat bot with commands, messages, and other tools.

  1. Death_Source
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    AnarBot is a bot that I used on a past anarchy server, and which served me very well. Its main feature is its ability to respond in personalized ways to messages sent in-game, while also having many customizable aspects.
    All in all, it was fun to make and even funner to use.

    permission: anarbot.admin - the permission for admin commands
    adminPrefix: &c&lAnarBot - Prefix shown to admins when using commands
    prefix: &d&lAnar&a&lBot&e - Prefix shown to everyone
    messageFormat: &d&lAnar&a&lBot &d--> &eYou&b -What you see when a message is sent to you from AnarBot
    doJoinMessage: true - Enable for customized message when joining
    joinMessage: Welcome fellow minecraft addict! - Change customized message when joining
    botDelay: 20 - Individual bot use wait time
    globalBotDelay: 5 - Global bot use wait time
    (feel free to change colors in the actual message if you want even more personalization)

    /bot reload - reloads the script file 'bot' (if you change the name of the script file, you'll have to change the name here too)
    /bot sleep - makes AnarBot go to sleep.
    /bot awake - makes AnarBot awake.
    /bot control - makes it so you can chat as if you were AnarBot in-game.

    If you want to add your own bot commands, some knowledge of Skript is highly recommended. However, you can attempt to do so anyways. Here is a basic example of a command:
    Code (Text):
        else if {_t::1} = "?tps":
            sb("The tps currently is %tps from last minute%!")
    (keep in mind that indentation needs to be the same as in the rest of the script). You can change the '?tps' to something like '?name', and then in the 'sb"(stuff here)"' you can change the text inside to whatever you want it to be. This can be the player's display name; so
    Code (Text):
    sb("%player's display name%")
    Once again, learning skript is very much recommended.