AnarchyCore 1.3.5 v2

A plugin for your anarchy servers!

  1. ArJemGalaxyYT
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    AnarchyCore Updates:

    I improved the plugin like the config.yml and added some new things

    - Prevents players breaking bedrock and end portal frame
    - Prevents players placing illegal blocks like bedrock
    - Prevents players being server operator
    - Added a feature which you can disable or enable elytras
    - Prevents players being creative
    - Prevents players picking up illegal items
    -Prevents wither spawn when tps is low
    -Prevents players using flight hack
    -Command that tells your server's info
    - Improved config.yml
    - Prevents players going above the nether roof
    - Added a multiple lines messages in config.yml

    /serverinfo - Permission node: anarchycore.serverinfo
    /anarchycore - Permission node: anarchycore
    /anarchyreload - Permission node: anarchycore.reload
    /anarchyhelp - Permission node: anarchycore.anarchyhelp
    /coreversion - Permission node: anarchycore.version

    I will probably make a tutorial video in youtube on how to use this maybe.

    Another Edit:
    I recommend using Notepad ++ because it's much easier to edit the config.yml

    Another Another Edit:
    If your having problems trying to generate the folder maybe your server is 1.16 i recommened using 1.12.2 if that can solve the issue
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Recent Reviews

  1. andon1234
    Version: 1.3.5 v2
    congrats great plugin my guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. maehb
    Version: 1.3.5 v2
    Great Plugin!! I used the one on GitHub (V1.0.4)
    It's perfect for my server

    (please update spigot one to 1.16.5 too because then more people would download it)
  3. Pistonmaster
    Version: 1.3.5 v2
    The author made this as a repost to remove my rating from last time.I rated this resource some time ago and got very terrible impression from this dev. He deleted his whole discord because i asked him if i could help him improve it. And now he deleted his whole resource to delete my rating on him. Last time it was 2 stars and now obviously 1 star. Don't download this resource! The dev made a very bad job and takes no criticism.
    1. ArJemGalaxyYT
      Author's Response
      You can add me on discord if you want ArJem#5864