AnarchyUtils [1.16+] 1.0

A compound plugin which gives your server some helpful utils such as motd and tab management.

  1. McZdx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    whenever a player FIRST joins it says in chat what join number they are. configurable message.

    Configurable tab for header and footer. with placeholders like TPS, Server online time, players online.

    Announcements/Tips in chat that you can add more of with interval timer.

    /nc, /tag(s), /namecolor. *(Listed in a GUI, player can select Tags or Namecolors, which will open its own GUI)*

    can set to give the player a namecolor for a set amount of time or permanent. tags are the same with limited and
    perm, created with`/ct (name) (prefix)` tags come after the name.

    chat formatting is to stay the same as vanilla minecraft. when a player puts` > `in chat it turns the message &a (light green)
    configurable motd, that if set the second or first line can change every time the player refreshes the server list

    /seen, shows when a player first joined the server, and the last time they were online, configurable message
    /spawn, configurable message (doesn't actually send you to spawn)
    /kill (kills you duh)
    /help, configurable message
    /discord configurable message
    /rules configurable message

    /tpa, with 10s cooldown, configurable messages.
    players can receive perm tpa or a limited amount of time
    through /stp perm/limited (if limited time) (player)

    /ignore, /ignorelist
    /togglepm (toggles messages)