AnchorSell - Earn money automatically (1.16.x - 1.17.x) 1.3.10

Earn money using respawn anchors. Upgrade the anchors to earn more money!

  1. Config auto update

    (Minor update) Implemented config auto update.
  2. Tab completition & update detector

    Autocomplete in commands. (Commands re-work)
    Plugin update detector.
  3. Anchor particles with a command to change it.

    Anchor particles with command /anchor particles [ all / low / off ]

    All displays all the particles.
    Low displays only the portal particles around the anchor.
    Off turns off the particles.

    Config changed:
    particles: "all" # can be all, low, off
  4. Particles

    Added particles for the anchors and some bug fixes.[​IMG]
  5. Bug fix

    Bug fix placing anchor for the first time
  6. Revalidation check add.

    Minor change.

    Revalidation of the total anchors a user has added. This is a safety feature to check if the total is correct in the config.
  7. Bug fix

    Bug when mining the anchor (it gave the custom anchor and the normal item)

    Another bug placing a creative anchor. It put it like a -1 level anchor. Now you can place a creative anchor and it doesn't register in the plugin.
  8. Bug fix

    Issue with protections plugin solved.
  9. Bug fix

    Fixed a bug when using the command "anchor list playerName" and "anchor revalidate playerName" of offline player.
  10. Bug fix

    Bug fix when anchor breaks and no factions hook is detected.