Ancient Enchants 1.12-1.16 3.3

Pyro, Deathbringer, Aegis, Hermes etc etc (Cosmic Craft Pyro Plugin remake, with a twist)

  1. This, that and there

    - Removed 2.5.1 support due to potion parsing becoming potion type, this means only 2.5.3 and higher is supported now
    - Removed a bug where for an unknown reason (maybe old combat mechanics interacting with this) after a player had died and gone back to fight, they would get one shot every single hit (I know its a pretty bad bug lmao)
    - Durability values have been effectively optimized
    - Added a slight damage randomizer to make Pyro PvP more similar to 1.8
    - Added a custom critical detector which relies solely on fall distance
    - Lots of other small things not really worth mentioning mostly because I can't remember
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