Ancient Gates 1.8.0

Easily create Bungee portals with any custom design

  1. Update to 1.7.2-R0.2 and improve BungeeCord support

    **This support versions of Craftbukkit as low as 1.4.7-R1.0**
    • Updated to 1.7.2-R0.2 (Implemented temporary workaround for sugarcane physics).
    • Re-introduced support for previous versions as low as 1.4.7-R1.0.
    • Implemented support for changing config settings live on the server.
    • Added the command "/gate setconf [option] [value]"
    • Implemented...
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  2. Implemented gate cooldown period between teleports

    • Implemented gate cooldown period between teleports. To adjust set "gateCooldownPeriod" (in milliseconds) in config (conf.json).
    • Fixed gate searching algorithm preferring diagonal gates over vertical gates within tunnels.
    • Fixed auto-update initiating before config was loaded (prevented disabling auto-update).
    • Added socket comms port bind conflict handling (disables socket comms if port already in use).
    • Fixed...
  3. Update to 1.6.4 - Execute commands when passing through gates

    • Updated to 1.6.4-R1.0 (removed deprecated Bukkit API).
    • Implemented entity cross-world teleportion workaround (Horses now teleport across worlds).
    • Implemented support for command execution on entering gates (incl. BungeeCord)
    • Added the command "/gate setexec [id] [player/console] [command]"
    • Fixed allowing/disallowing entities through gates.
    • Throw items out of vehicle instead of removing them when entities are...
  4. Fixed "/gate setto" command

    • Fixed "/gate setto" command not finding remote gate id's.
    • Fixed valid materials list on "/gate setmaterial" command.
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  5. Update to 1.6.2 - Ride horses through gates.

    • Implemented teleportation messages per gate.
    • Added the command "/gate setmsg [id] [message]".
    • Implemented custom BungeeCord teleport notifications, informing users they have gone to another server. To disable set "customBungeeMessages" to false in config (conf.json).
    • Implemented support for multiple "to" locations.
    • Added the command "/gate addto [id] *[server]" to add another "to" where you stand.
    • Added the command...
  6. Fix NPE issue on startup

    • Fixed NPE on startup when gate "from" location is not set.
    • Added support for multiple frame orientations per "from" location.
  7. Implemented multiple portal materials support and horizontal gate support

    • Added the ability to change the portal material on a per-gate basis. Supports - End Portal, Lava, Portal, Sugar Cane, Water and Web
    • Added the ability to have both vertical and horizontal portals.
    • Optimised teleportation by implementing new gate searching algorithm
  8. Re-implemented gate access permissions

    • Re-implemented gate access permissions (no longer requires negative permissions). Set "enforceAccess" to true in config (conf.json).
  9. Implemented vehicle teleportation support

    • Implemented vehicle teleportation support across both worlds and BungeeCord servers. Requires you to set "useInstantNether" to true in config (conf.json).
    • Implemented allowing/disallowing of vehicle teleportion per gate.
    • Added auto-update feature to plugin Metrics.
  10. Fix - Removed a hard dependency on Vault

    • Removed hard dependency on Vault for external BungeeCord commands.
    • Implemented auto-update feature. To disable set "autoUpdate" to false in config (conf.json).