AncientEnchants FOR 1.8 ONLY 2.0.1

Cosmic Craft, Pyro Axe, Legendary, Aegis, Apollos, Ethereals, Hermes, Deathbringer

  1. Complete Recode #2? - Major overhaul on code and effectiveness, less addons.

    Now using a 2.5 beta 2 fork made for 1.8.8!
    -Less addons required
    -More functionality
    -Added some stuff
    -Can't really list everything here so just look :)
  2. Fixed Apollos crest and removed variable.

    Small bug fixes
    Fixed Apollo's Crest and removed its variable
  3. Final bug fix for 1.8 (Probably)

    fixed a bunch of small bugs that didn't really matter
    added a command
    added unbreakable syntax
  4. Bug Fixes/Extra support

    Fixed occasional bugs where players would not get the desired effects when they were meant to
    Added world change support
    Added Authme/Authme reloaded support
    Changed durability with specified weapons so fights would not be over extremely fast (These custom weapons tend to do a fair amount of armor damage, the armor damage is still extremely high but fights should last at most 30 seconds *gapple length* with experienced players)
    Other bug fixes etc
  5. KeepInventory Support / Armor Sounds / Armor Breaking Notification / Bug Fixes

    Added sounds when equipping and unequipping armor.
    Added keepinventory support.
    Added a notification when any piece of your armor breaks.
    Fixed a bug:
    - When right clicking on an essentials command sign with a piece of armor it would apply the effect to you without you actually equipping the armor.
    Fixed other small bugs.