AngryBlock - Blocks Try to Kill you! 1.16.1-1.2

Minecraft But the blocks come to life and try to kill you!

  1. HavocMasterChief
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    • 1.16
    This is a plugin designed around the ideas of "Minecraft, but..." Adding this to your server adds an additional layer of fun and difficulty to your playthrough. Whether you would like to add it to factions, skyblock, or plain old survival, this is the plugin for you. Also included in the config is an option to enable Hard Mode. This allows the blocks to spawn anywhere, not just in air, but Water, Lava, in another block, etc.


    Upon breaking a block, by default, **Configurable** there is a 20% chance for the broken block to come back to life. This will show a block floating in the air, chasing after you. My original plan was to create this for a a buddy, enabling him to do a series on it, but decided to provide it to the public. You will not get the block drop if the block tries to kill you, but if you proceed to kill the block, it will drop the original item as intended. Please provide me with any feedback and bugs as they are discovered.

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  1. Nik14663
    Version: 1.16.1-1.2
    It’s really good mechanic for Minecraft . Thanks for work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!