AnimalEssentials v1.2.1

AnimalEssentials provides several commands all around animals, like healing, spawning, teleporting.

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9

    AnimalEssentials is a plugin that provides many useful commands all around your animals! With it you can teleport, tame, name, kill, spawn, find and heal your beloved pets while having fun looking at cool particle effects and listening to funny sounds.

    The plugin has version independence, that means you can use it on 1.8 servers, aswell as on 1.7.10 servers.
    If you download any version including and above v1.1, you can run it on any Minecraft version mentioned above.
    Due to 1.9 Spigot having different internal names for sounds, some sounds may not work on lower versions.

    If you found an issue, or want to contribute to the project in any way, feel free to take a look at the GitHub repository which can be found here:


    • Teleport your animals!
    • Tame animals!
    • Spawn custom animals!
    • Heal animals!
    • Awesome particle effects!
    • Funny sounds!
    • Toggleable update checker!
    • UUID support
    • Cross-version support!
    • ...and much more!


    All the commands are based off of one main command: /ae
    In the chart below you can see the commands to append to the main command and what they do. For instance, "reload" would be executed as "/ae reload".

    The animal(s) to execute the command on are selected by rightclicking them.
    <> brackets mean that this argument is required. You must not include them in the actual command.
    [] brackets mean that this argument is optional. You must not include them in the actual command.
    Please note that some commands only work on your own animals, or animals which are not owned by anyone.

    reload - Reloads the configuration file.
    help [command] - Shows the help of the plugin or the specified command.
    sethome <name> - Sets a home for your animals to be used later on. The "name" parameter is the name of your home.
    edithome <name> - Updates a home with the coordinates you are standing at. The "name" parameter is the name of the home you want to edit.
    delhome <name> - Deletes a previously set home. The "name" parameter is the name of the home you want to delete.
    listhomes - Lists all the homes you have previously set.
    find <name> - This finds all animals which have the given name. This ONLY works if the animal has a name. Depending on permissions, people can teleport to a found animal.
    heal - This fully heals your animal.
    kill [amount] - This allows you to kill animals via a simple right-click. The "amount" parameter can be used to define the amount of animals you want to kill.
    name <name> - This names your animal. The "name" parameter defines the name your animal will have. You can use spaces in it. Depending on the config setting, it will use up a nametag.
    owner - With this command you can check the owner of any animal.
    spawn - This opens up a GUI with which you can interact and spawn any animal available with any type, name, wether it's a baby or not and much more.
    tame - This tames an animal.
    clone- This clones an animal.

    /aetp <home/playername> - This teleports your animal to a home or player. The "home/playername" parameter is the name of the home or player you want to teleport your animal to.


    Some commands have bypass permissions to allow people to interact with animals that are not owned by them. You can see which they are below. For instance, the bypass permission for /ae name would look like this:

    Bypass permissions:

    /ae heal
    /ae kill
    /ae name

    reload - aess.reload (Default for OPs)
    help - (Default for everybody)
    sethome - aess.home.set (Default for everybody)
    edithome - aess.home.edit (Default for everybody)
    delhome - aess.home.delete (Default for everybody)
    listhomes - aess.home.list (Default for everybody)
    teleport - aess.teleport (Default for everybody)
    find - aess.find (Default for everybody)
    heal - aess.heal (Default for OPs)
    kill - aess.kill (Default for OPs)
    name - (Default for everybody)
    owner - aess.owner (Default for everybody)
    spawn - aess.spawn (Default for OPs)
    tame - aess.tame (Default for OPs)
    clonse - aess.clone (Default for OPs)

    aess.aetp - This permission allows players to click the text after issuing "/ae find" to be able to teleport to the animal. (Default for OPs)
    aess.* - This permission gives access to all permissions listed above.
    aess.home.* - This permission gives access to all home commands.


    Default configuration:
    Code (Text):

    shouldNamingUseNametag: true
    allowMultipleCommands: false
      force: true
      check: true
      onlyOwnAnimals: false
    shouldNamingUseNametag - This value defines wether the user needs to have a nametag in their inventory when using /ae name on an animal. (Not effective in creative mode)
    allowMultipleCommands - When this is set to true, users will be able to issue multiple AnimalEssentials commands at a time. When set to false, it prevents users from, for instance, killing and naming their animal at the same time.
    update.force - When set to true, this option disables the plugin if an update has been found. When set to false, only an update notifier will show up if "update.check" is enabled.
    update.check - When set to false, the plugin will not check for updates.
    find.onlyOwnAnimals - When this option is enabled, only animals owned by the player sender are displayed. When disabled, untamed animals will also show.

    Planned features:

    1. WorldGuard support to prevent people from spawning animals in areas that are not their's
    2. Money System
    3. Language support
    4. Suggestions of this reddit post
    5. Configurable command shutdown timer
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