AnimalProtect 1.0

A bukkit plugin who allows to protect some living entities like animals.

  1. Llexows
    Hello guys, I'm going to show you my very first bukkit plugin called Animal-Protect.

    • What is it ?

    This plugin enables server(s) owner(s) to activate a "shield" on living entities like cow, chickens, wolfs, villagers,... . This shield will cancel all player damages on the protected entity.

    /!\ The TNT damages can't be disabled in this version !

    • How to install the plugin ?

    Just put the downloaded .jar file into your server plugins folder.

    • Command

    There is just 1 command for the moment :

    /animalprotect rconfig (to reload the configuration file).

    Note: You can use '/ap' as a shortcut of animalprotect command name.

    That command also works via the server's console.

    • Permission

    animalprotect.use (allows player to use /animalprotect command).

    • Next update (v1.1)

    - Add a protection for the TNT damages.
    - Add (if people want) more entities who can be protected.

    All right ! I hope you'll like my plugin and don't forget it is my first !
    Have a nice day !


    PS: Sorry for my english I'm french student.