AnimalStorm 1.0

Animals falling from the sky

  1. ConstructorLeo

    This plugin is no longer maintained


    AnimalStorm is a fun plugin to have on your server. By typing in a command you can make animals fall from the sky. There are currently six animals to choose from, Chicken, Mushroomcow, Wolf, Sheep, Ocelot, Pig.

    » Chickens fall from the sky.
    » Mushroomcows fall from the sky.
    » Wolves fall from the sky.
    » Sheep fall from the sky.
    » Pigs fall from the sky.

    » /animalstorm help - Shows help page.
    » /animalstorm news - Shows plugin news.
    » /animalstorm version - Shows plugin version.
    » /animalstorm chicken - Spawns chickens.
    » /animalstorm mushroomcow - Spawns mushroomcows.
    » /animalstorm wolf - Spawns wolves.
    » /animalstorm ocelot - Spawns ocelots.
    » /animalstorm sheep - Spawns sheep.
    » /animalstorm pigs - Spawns pigs

    TODO list
    » Add 1.9 support
    » Add more animals
    » Add permissions.

    Additional notes
    Please remember that this is my first plugin ever so you may come across some bugs!

    I hope you like the plugin. If you find any bugs please let me know as soon as possible! Thanks :D


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Recent Reviews

  1. iPause
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin. 10/10. Wish there was some updates, a lot of potential in this! :D
    1. ConstructorLeo