Animated Menu 3.2.7

Not just a menu plugin, it's the most powerful one out there.

  1. megamichiel
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Note: I am not as active anymore as I used to be. Check the discussion or reviews for any issues that other people might have.
    Requires AnimationLib
    Uses Java 8

    Have you ever been on a big server that has an animated server selector?
    Are you a server owner and have always wanted that too but don't how to code?
    Then this plugin is for you!

    • No limit to the menu count
    • Animate a menu title
    • Animate an item's display name, lore and/or material
    • Animate items seperately from each other
    • Open a menu using /animatedmenu, by clicking an item or performing a manually specified command.
    • Hooks into PlaceholderAPI for placeholders. Tons of placeholders to use! You can even add your own ones!
    • Supports a variety of commands to perform
    • Efficient code: Loads everything it needs to load when the plugin enables, and simply retrieves info when an item needs to update.
    • Automatically checks for updates on startup
    • Tons more!
    I have put a lot of time into this resource. It will always be free, but I would be very happy if you gave a small donation. You can choose to buy AnimatedMenu Plus or give a small donation:

    Configuration tutorial
    Optional dependant plugins
    If you have PlaceholderAPI installed, this plugin adds a bunch of placeholders. Visit for reference

    Commands: (<> = required, [] = optional)
    • /animatedmenu - Displays the help menu
    • /animatedmenu open <name> [player] - Opens the specified menu
    • /animatedmenu reload - Reloads the plugin
    • /animatedmenu item <menuname> [player] - Get a menu's opener!
    • - use /animatedmenu
    • animatedmenu.command.reload - use /animatedmenu reload
    • - use /animatedmenu open [menu]
    • - Make someone else open a menu
    • - open an inventory using an item
    • animatedmenu.economy.bypass - bypass item vault price
    • animatedmenu.points.bypass - bypass points price
    Source Code
    The source code can be found here.

    • English
    • (by DirectorDoc)
    • German
    • (by Herbystar)
    • Portuguese
    • (by AbsintoJPl)


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Recent Reviews

  1. RaxTheLag
    Version: 3.2.7
    For people who do not load their plugin menus from version 3.2.7 use 3.2.6 as it worked for me and 3.2.7 has many errors.
  2. FranLR
    Version: 3.2.7
    The item's lore/name animations are not working, the name and lore dont change im using Paper 1.8.8
  3. ValenGamerXD
    Version: 3.2.7
    Spams errors event with the default configuration... wouldnt recommend also inactive dev
  4. RaydenKing
    Version: 3.2.7
    please update to 1.15.2
    since its complement is very good
    if I update it I will give it 5 stars
  5. LucFrsever3
    Version: 3.2.7
    I have a question is can you give me a command give items to player a enchanted items pls
  6. _8D_
    Version: 3.2.7
    This plugin need to update to 1.15.2 I am trying to make a custom menu but it is not working for me.
  7. Soyer
    Version: 3.2.7
    Very good plugin! Very good to interest players with animations on the menus!
    P.S. Your "example" menu doesn't work.
  8. JonArkeid
    Version: 3.2.7
    Excelente plugin tuve algunos problemas con la 3.2.7 en la versión 1.14.4 pero lo solucione usando la versión 3.2.6 y todo trabajo de maravilla
  9. _MrCrafteru_
    Version: 3.2.7
    Very cool plugin. But I have something else to add. Add a required item. For example need product one a diamond. And I have one diamond, and I can buy it, it's worth one diamond. And you can buy it. Please add a mandatory product.
  10. Alphine
    Version: 3.2.7
    Version 3.2.7 is bugged to the point MC Version 1.12.2 won't load in, however, version 3.2.6 does load in without any problems so far. Great plugin but wish it was updated more.