[Animated Tab] - TabList v5.6.2

Use the player list tab! (This is only for tablist relating)

  1. Toldi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Bukkit link: Click

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    Animated tab examples

    ➢ Animated tab (header/footer) & animated groups
    ➢ Create your own animation
    ➢ Option to randomize the texts
    ➢ Option to set update interval
    ➢ Tab auto updates (in server ticks)
    ➢ PlaceholderAPI support (optional)
    ➢ Option to ignore vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
    ➢ Customizable tablist groups (prefix + tabName + suffix)
    ➢ Ability to hide group when player afk or vanish
    ➢ Command to set the specified group prefix, suffix or tab name
    ➢ Option to use any placeholders for tab name
    ➢ Ability to work groups only in given worlds
    ➢ Ability to use Vault groups or permissions, to see the set of prefix
    ➢ Option to synchronise automatically Vault groups to the tablist
    ➢ Custom variables, to create some custom placeholders, to prevent config memory reservation.
    ➢ Option to show the afk status format in player list.
    ➢ Text formatting
    ➢ 160+ symbols
    1.16+ hex color support
    ➢ Basic color supports
    ➢ 1.16+ custom fonts, documentation
    ➢ Option to remove every players from tablist.
    ➢ Option to remove gray color name from spectator players in tablist. (Requires ProtocolLib)
    ➢ Create fake players to player list
    ➢ You can set fake player names with colors
    ➢ Ability to set skin for fake players by real uuids
    ➢ Command to rename if it misnamed
    ➢ Command to set head skin from real player uuid
    ➢ Command to set ping value
    ➢ Hide tab when player vanished
    ➢ Ping & tps placeholder formatting with logical operators.
    ➢ Per world player list, to show the player list for each worlds.
    ➢ Ability to share the same list of players in different worlds
    ➢ Per-tablist stuffs:
    ➢ Per world-group
    ➢ Per group
    ➢ Per world
    ➢ Per player
    ➢ Per permission based
    ➢ Switching tab visibility, toggles for all available players or just for one user.
    ➢ Tablist object types (health, ping tab & custom value)
    ➢ Disabled worlds where tablist and objectives does not appear
    ➢ Option to sort afk players to the bottom of playerlist.
    ➢ Option to download the new releases without clicking download button.
    ➢ Hides player from tab when afk

    ➢ Animated tab (header/footer)
    ➢ Restrict players where the tab does not appear for player.
    ➢ Tab auto update (in milliseconds)
    ➢ Switching on/off tab
    ➢ Different tablist for each server
    ➢ Disabled servers where the tab does not appear.
    ➢ Per player tablist
    ➢ Animated groups
    ➢ Ping placeholder formatting with logical operators.
    ➢ 160+ symbols

    Commands and permissions are listed on wiki

    - PlaceholderAPI (optional)
    • Adds ability to use placeholders
    - Vault (optional)
    • Adds ability to use per-group tablist
    • Adds ability to use vault group names for group prefixes/suffixes to display without permissions.
    - EssentialsX or CMI (optional)
    • Ability to change the player tab name to nick name with proper placeholder.
    • Ability to ignore the vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
    - SuperVanish, PremiumVanish, Staff Facilities (optional)
    • Ability to ignore the vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
    • Is there any way to show in tablist after the player name the client version or any other variable?
    Everything in PlaceholderAPI, you can specify any placeholders in tablist groups.
    • If I use %online-players% placeholder, and if a player is vanished, will it counts that player to all players?
    It depends on the ignore-vanished-players-in-online-players option, if enabled it will not count that hidden player.
    • How can I use the custom tablist objectives option?
    • Why Citizens NPCs appear on tablist?
    This is not caused by the TabList or any other plugin, it is client side issue, this can not be avoided. (Citizens2-1945)
    • Why the tablist freezes when a new player joins the server?
    You can do the following options:
    • Make sure the refresh interval option in the tablist.yml file is set to at least 1 or higher value to make the tablist updating continuously.
    • Make sure you don't have any plugins installed on your server which can cancel the task schedulers in other plugins.
    • Is it possible for temporary groups?
    Yes!! If you use LuckPerms plugin, you can set a timer with its temporary command and the specified group permission, so that after the time has elapsed, the player will not see the groups on the tablist.
    • How can I use the tablist name so that the nickname and prefix/suffix remains?
    You can use tabname option in groups.yml to change the players name to an appropriate name. For example:
    Code (YAML):
    : "%essentials_nickname%"
    • Is there anyway to show custom objectives in the left side of the player name in tab?
    You can use the tablist groups, where you can use placeholders like %player-ping%. Just put to the prefix section.
    • How can I show the player money to tablist?
    Use PlaceholderAPI, add the Vault plugin and find the economy related placeholders here: Vault-Economy
    • Why does the permissions not works, like we have setted up tablist groups?
    You may need to install a permission plugin in order to get it work, we recommends LuckPerms

    Supported platforms:
    • Spigot, Paper, Purpur (all known spigot-forks)
    • Bungeecord, Waterfall (to use the plugin in bungee server)
    • Sponge
    • Java 8 and higher versions

    Thanks @ChestHub the video! (Version v1.4)

    Thanks @Zurdo257 the video! (Version v3.9)

    Thanks @Zurdo257 the updated video! (Version v5.5.5)

    PlaceholderAPI usage

    1. You must first enable the hooks.placeholderapi option in tablist config.yml to use.

    2. Download the appropriate expansion to your server
    /papi ecloud download Player
    3. Now reload the placeholderapi with
    /papi reload

    4. Finally, reload the tablist plugin with
    /tl reload

    More information: https://github.com/PlaceholderAPI/PlaceholderAPI/wiki/Placeholders

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Recent Reviews

  1. sasha066
    Version: v5.6.2
    Great friendly developer and equally great plugin. In my opinion, this is the best TAB plugin out there. And this is the only TAB that now supports JSON formatting. If you know what text components are in Minecraft, then you should understand how powerful this plugin is and what you can do with it - from custom fonts to displaying images. And this is still a small part of its capabilities.

    Definitely a must have!
  2. EwDirt
    Version: v5.6.2
    Simple, lightweight, easily customizable. One of my favorite plugins. I still come back to this one years later.
  3. Kleemboost
    Version: v5.6.2
    A great plugin! One question tho, where can I activate and add the player's skin head next to their names?
  4. bongkkat96
    Version: v5.6.2
    is okay,reate 5 star for reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  5. Shadowpauler
    Version: v5.6.1
    This plugin is amazing, and I love it! I'm requesting if you could support Velocity proxy support by paper? I'd love that, but you don't have to. Thank you so much! :D
  6. CastorudeSiberi
    Version: v5.6.1
    An amazing Plugin so you have big thumb from me :) work's perfectly on 1.18.1 Spigot
  7. d3b3ly
    Version: v5.6.1
    How can we sort ranks on tab?
    From higher to lower rank.
    Thats the only thing I cant figure out
  8. GolZER
    Version: v5.6.1
    Very good plugin, highly customizable, but can you add a group sorting so owner, admin... ect could be at the top?
  9. Ender1058
    Version: v5.6.0
    Would be cool if there was perworld prefix suffix and tag+tab name etc like Tab Premium.
    Please add it then This plugin is 1000/100 good.
  10. Ducki0210
    Version: v5.6.0
    Feature -> adding ping formatting on bungeecord.
    Also, very nice nothing to say about it ;)