[Animated Tab] - TabList v5.5.6

Use the player list tab! (This is only for tablist relating)

  1. Toldi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Bukkit link: Click

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    Bug report and feature request here!

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    Animated tab examples


    ➢ Animated tab (header/footer) & animated groups
    ➢ Create your own animation
    ➢ Option to randomize the texts
    ➢ Option to set update interval
    ➢ Tab auto updates (in server ticks)
    ➢ PlaceholderAPI support (optional)
    ➢ Option to ignore vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
    ➢ Customizable tablist groups (prefix + tabName + suffix)
    ➢ Ability to hide group when player afk or vanish
    ➢ Command to set the specified group prefix, suffix or tab name
    ➢ Option to use any placeholders for tab name
    ➢ Ability to work groups only in given worlds
    ➢ Ability to use Vault groups or permissions, to see the set of prefix
    ➢ Option to synchronise automatically Vault groups to the tablist
    ➢ Custom variables, to create some custom placeholders, to prevent config memory reservation.
    ➢ Option to show the afk status format in player list.
    ➢ Text formatting
    ➢ 160+ symbols
    1.16+ hex color support
    ➢ Basic color supports
    ➢ 1.16+ custom fonts, documentation
    ➢ Option to remove every players from tablist.
    ➢ Option to remove gray color name from spectator players in tablist. (Requires ProtocolLib)
    ➢ Create fake players to player list
    ➢ You can set fake player names with colors
    ➢ Ability to set skin for fake players by real uuids
    ➢ Command to rename if it misnamed
    ➢ Command to set head skin from real player uuid
    ➢ Command to set ping value
    ➢ Hide tab when player vanished
    ➢ Ping & tps placeholder formatting with logical operators.
    ➢ Per world player list, to show the player list for each worlds.
    ➢ Per-tablist stuffs:
    ➢ Per world-group
    ➢ Per group
    ➢ Per world
    ➢ Per player
    ➢ Per permission based
    ➢ Switching tab visibility, toggles for all available players or just for one user.
    ➢ Tablist object types (health, ping tab & custom value)
    ➢ Disabled worlds where tablist and objectives does not appear
    ➢ Option to sort afk players to the bottom of playerlist.
    ➢ Option to download the new releases without clicking download button.
    ➢ Hides player from tab when afk

    ➢ Animated tab (header/footer)
    ➢ Restrict players where the tab does not appear for player.
    ➢ Tab auto update (in milliseconds)
    ➢ Switching on/off tab
    ➢ Different tablist for each server
    ➢ Disabled servers where the tab does not appear.
    ➢ Per player tablist
    ➢ Animated groups
    ➢ 160+ symbols
    ➢ Custom variables, to create some variables, to prevent config memory reservation.

    Commands and permissions are listed on wiki

    - PlaceholderAPI (optional)
    • Adds ability to use placeholders
    If you do not use PlaceholderAPI, here is the article about what it says: Click
    - Vault (optional)
    • Adds ability to use per-group tablist
    • Adds ability to use vault group names for group prefixes/suffixes to display without permissions.
    - EssentialsX or CMI (optional)
    • Ability to change the player tab name to nick name with proper placeholder.
    • Ability to ignore the vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
    - SuperVanish, PremiumVanish, Staff Facilities (optional)
    • Ability to ignore the vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
    • Is there anyway to show in tablist after my name my client version or other variable?
    Everything in PlaceholderAPI
    • If I use %online-players% placeholder, and if a player is vanished, then counts that one player?
    It does not count because if the Essentials/SuperVanish or CMI plugin is installed it will work. Remember, that you should enable
    • How can I use the custom tablist objectives option?
    • Why Citizens NPCs appear on tablist?
    This is not caused by TabList this is the Citizens Villagers when you have named entities. Also this can't be avoided by tablist. (Citizens2-1945)
    • Why freezes the tablist when a new player joins the server?
    You can do the following options:
    • In the tablist.yml file, the update interval for the tablist is set to 0 so the tab not refresh anymore.
    • Make sure your server does not have too many unnecessary plugins that are running, or check the server tps, or at least the server timings, which shows what kind of deceleration occurs on the server.
    • Make sure you don't have any plugins on your server which handles the task scheduler, what randomly stops the tasks.
    • Try restart your server completely.
    Also, this tablist freezing is fixed in the latest versions when new player joins.
    • Is it possible for temporary groups?
    Yes!! If you use the LuckPerms plugin, you can set a timer with its temporary command and the specified group permission, so that after the time has elapsed, the player will not see the groups on the tablist.
    • How can I use the tablist name so that the nickname and prefix/suffix remains?
    You can use tabname option in groups.yml to change the players name to an appropriate name. For example:
    Code (YAML):
    : "%essentials_nickname%"
    • Is there anyway to show the tablist custom objects in the left side of player name in tab?
    You can use the tablist groups, where you can use placeholders like %player-ping%. Just put to the prefix section.
    • How can I show the player money to tablist?
    Use PlaceholderAPI, add the Vault plugin and find the amount of money here: Vault-Economy
    • Why does the tablist permissions not works, like we have setted up tablist groups?
    Thats probably caused by when you are using and outdated permissions plugin, like Pex1. If you're using Pex2 it would work. (Pex1 is still supported).

    Supported platforms:
    • Spigot, Paper, Purpur (all known spigot-forks)
    • Bungeecord, Waterfall (to use the plugin in bungee server)
    • Sponge
    • Java 8 and higher versions
    Please use always the latest version of this plugin to get additions and fixes!


    Thanks @ChestHub the video! (Version v1.4)

    Thanks @Zurdo257 the video! (Version v3.9)

    Thanks @Zurdo257 the updated video! (Version v5.5.5)

    PlaceholderAPI usage
    You must first enable the hooks.placeholderapi option in config.yml to use.

    Download the appropriate expansion to your server:
    /papi ecloud download Player

    Now reload the placeholderapi:
    /papi reload

    Finally, reload tablist plugin:
    /tl reload

    More information: https://github.com/PlaceholderAPI/PlaceholderAPI/wiki/Placeholders

    You never get support on that place.
    Posting fake, invalid reviews may increase the update time.

    Also thanks for @Nety for creating image titles!

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Recent Reviews

  1. bitou2005
    Version: v5.5.6
    Best tablist plugin ever :)
    but I have a question
    is it possible to use gradient colors ?
  2. TyLetsPlay
    Version: v5.5.6
    Ignore this bozo under me people like to rate a plugin 1 start for no reason. I just installed this had no issues needed no support but there is if you need it but this is the best animated tablist plugin ever and glad that this is for free because this should of cost at least 3 bucks
  3. malaz
    Version: v5.5.5
    Good plugin but bad support. They don't give support that you need. Try another tablist plugin it will be better.
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      You didn't even ask anything in support places.
  4. HenkieThuus
    Version: v5.5.5
    Ehm, if there are 10+ people online, the leaderboard buggs, and all the groups are collapsing ? is there an help discord
  5. Exsudat
    Version: v5.5.5
    I love this plugin but when players are online the tablist starts to bug the name jump up and down :<
  6. baugamer_15
    Version: v5.5.5
    Me gusto mucho este plugin, y lo mejor de todo es que podes crear tus propias animaciones!
  7. Zurdo257
    Version: v5.5.5
    1. Toldi
      Author's Response
      Thanks, added to videos list
  8. RakyX
    Version: v5.5.5
    Good plugin! Turned my raspberry pi into a cooking plate!
    Pi didn´t have enough resources to run this plugin. Optimization to the plugin would be good! When this happens I will reconsider the review!
  9. baole444
    Version: v5.5.5
    Working like a charm, a great work on this plugin. A very good way in handling group name. However I suggest making auto generate group format be optional. Further more the plugin ignore the real name of the group if you have a group displayname making us have to re-create the group again. However this is not an important issue, still a great plugin though.
    The only down point with this plugin is the fact that fake player is not saved correctly, and the lag of the ability to add this fake player to a group make the player too stand out.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>GOOD PLUGIN, NICE CONFIG<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  10. jandie1505
    Version: v5.5.5
    Unfortunately, completely illogically made. When I write something in the defaultGroup in the groups.yml, it still shows the username. I didn't define any other groups. The plugin doesn't care what you write in there.
    prefix: ' '
    tabname: 'something'
    suffix: ' '
    prefix: '%vault_prefix%'
    tabname: '%player_name%'
    suffix: ' '
    prefix: ' '
    tabname: '%vault_prefix%%player_name%'
    suffix: ' '

    If I find out here why it doesn't work and it makes sense I will correct this review.