[Animated Tab] - TabList v5.5.6

Use the player list tab! (This is only for tablist relating)

  1. v5.5.6

    After 2 months of suffering, there is finally another release with many bug fixes mainly that have occurred in previous versions.

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    • Removing spectator gray colour from players now works
    • Implemented delayed refreshing for...
  2. v5.5.5

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    • Added StaffFacilities resource as a dependency for retrieving vanish status
    • Fixed multiple NullPointerExceptions that was caused to do not display the tablist....
  3. v5.5.4, hotfix

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    • Fixed when animations displaying was too fast, so it caused to break the current behaviour.
    • Fixed when tablist objects such as ping or custom incorrectly displayed values like 0 or not a real value.
    • Fixed...
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  4. v5.5.3, Long awaited update

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    There was no update for about 4 months, but now here it is mostly with performance improvements.


    • Refactored the "half of the project"
    • Improved players cache handling, now it is only cached one time...
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  5. v5.5.2

    • Improved fake players handling
      • Now you can change the display name of the fake player
      • Removed sub permissions for fake players, like setskin, add ...
      • Added argument for fake player to rename if it misnamed
    • Fixed asynchronous nag issue when stopping server and the schedulers can't cancel somehow...
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  6. New Year

    Only few minutes from 2021! (31.12.2020 - 23:55)

    • Fix when some format and hex color not worked correctly
    • Fixed coloring header/footer
    • Now global group can now be assigned to other groups
    • Fixed ConcurrentModify exception for groups
    • Added default permission to per permission tablist, this fixes the problem where operator...
  7. Custom font component

    This version introduces a new component wich provides custom fonts in your tablist.

    • Fix for essentials nicknames colors are replaced to "nothing"
    • Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException when tps size is higher than the string length, #190
    • Fix when global group still applied to players even they had groups
    • Fix flickering issue when there is some text after tps or ping placeholder and the...
  8. idk why I'm here, this just an update

    Your configuration (config.yml) will be updated automatically if you installed this plugin before.

    • Fix for multiple hex colors not works with/without nicknames
    • Tabname can now check for regex patterns for better match and restricting tab names from users.
    • Improvements related to commands handling, fake players and some other things.
    • Fix for tablist glitching player placeholders for everyone,...
  9. Config updater

    This version introduces a new way of updating the main config. You don't have to do anything with config, just install this version. Your config.yml will get overwrited with missing values and comments.

    • Fix for modifying final fields in 12+ java versions, #178
      • With this now this plugin supports java 9+ versions (still supports 8)
    • Added option to define whatever the...
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  10. v5.4.7

    Config changes:
    - config.yml


    • Add customizable tps & ping color formats with logical operators
    • Fix error for Vault when not installed
    • Added support for PremiumVanish, #172
    • Fix for skin reset in tablist when using groups,...