AnimatedInventory v7.6.2

Clearing inventories is so boring! Why not spice it up with AnimatedInventory?

  1. zach_attack
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
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    Most messages are customizable.
    Face it, your inventory is boring.
    Why not spice it up with Animated Inventory?

    There are currently 5 animations available.

    When you do /ai clear, the plugin picks one
    of the animations to play at random.

    (See image 1/2//3)

    Made a mistake? We all do! With /ai undo,

    Staff can restore a players inventory even
    after they have cleared it!

    Want to test your luck?
    When you do /ai fortune the plugin will tell you

    a yes or no fortune from your inventory.
    (See image 4)

    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&8[&b&lA&r&bnimated&f&lI&r&fnv&8]'
      no-permission: '&cYou don''t have permission for that.'
      not-online: '&c&lOops! &f%player% is not online to do that.'
      already-clearing: '&c&lOops! &fYou must wait until %player%''s inventory finishes clearing.'
      already-getting-fortune: '&c&lOops! &fYou must wait until %player%''s fortune finishes.'
      clear-other-success: '&a&lDone! &fNow clearing the inventory of &7%player%'
      fortune-other-success: '&a&lDone! &fNow simulating a fortune for &7%player%'
      clear-disabled: '&c&lSorry! &fInventory clear has been disabled in the config.yml'
      fortune-disabled: '&c&lSorry! &fFortunes have been disabled in the config.yml'
      death: '&c&lDrops Canceled. &fYou died while having your inventory controlled.'
      backups-disabled: '&c&lOops! &fInventory backups are disabled in the config.'
      backup-restored: '&6&lRestored. &fInventory from &7%time% &fago was restored.'
      backup-restored-other: '&6&lRestored. &7%player%''s &finventory from &7%time% &fago was restored.'
      backup-restored-target: '&6&lRestored. &fYour inventory from &7%time% &fago has been restored.'
      backup-must-wait: '&c&lSlow Down. &fYou can''t do this while clearing.'
      backup-must-wait-clear: '&c&lWait. &fYou can''t do this while clearing.'
      backup-must-wait-fortune: '&c&lWait. &fYou can''t do this during a fortune.'
      backup-error: '&4&lError. &fWe were not able to that at this time, sorry!'
      backup-no-file: '&c&lHm. &fWe don''t have a backup of your inventory.'
      backup-no-file-other: '&c&lHm. &fWe don''t have a backup of &7%player%''s &finventory.'
      backup-must-wait: '&c&lSlow Down! &fYou can only do that every &7%number%s'
      # The prevention settings apply to both fortunes & clearing.
      prevent-drop: true
      prevent-move: true
      prevent-place: true
      prevent-player-slot-changes: true
      use-particles: true
        enabled: true
        progress-msg: '&f&lClearing your inventory...'
        done-msg: '&a&lDone!'
        enable-slot-skipping: false    # If true, AnimatedInventory will NOT clear the slot numbers listed below.
        skip-slots:      # Which slots to skip if the above setting is true? At the moment you CANNOT skip 1-8 or 22 as these are used by the plugin.
        - 35
        clear-armor: true     # If true, AnimatedInventory will erase the armor slots on clear. If false, the armor will remain during a clear.
          enabled: false         # If true, saves players inventory so they can use /ai undoclear to restore it.
          erase-after: 300         # In seconds, the oldest a cache file can be without erasing?
          backup-cooldown: 5         # How many seconds between checking the cache on commands?
        slot-switching: true          # If true, the players slot number will change in conjunction with the animation.
        # The token below is used to test if players are getting their inventory cleared
        # We sneak this item in the back just to test. Make sure it's unique and has some color codes.
        token: '&eInventory is being cleared.'
            enabled: true
            enabled: true
            enabled: true
            enabled: true
        enabled: true
        done-msg: '&a&lDone!'
          -yes: '&f&lYour Fortune: &a&lYes'
          -no: '&f&lYour Fortune: &c&lNo'
          notify-console: false       # If true, this will notify console the result of a fortune.
          name: '&a&lYes'
          name: '&c&lNo'
        spin-message: 'Spinning...'

        enabled: true    # True = Using Cooldowns / False = No Cooldown usage
        time: 22    # This number is in seconds.
        msg: '&c&lSlow Down! &fYou can only do that every &7%number% &fseconds'
        clear-override: true       # Makes /clear act as /ai clear
        notify: true       # If true, this will notify you when new updates are ready.
        delay-check: true       # Shows the update message on a delay.
      metrics: true       # Sends anonymous info about your server & AnimatedInventory.
      debug: false       # If true, this will show more info & errors in console.

    config-version: 17       # Don't touch this!

    animatedinv.clear - Access to clear your inventory.
    animatedinv.undo - Allows a user to undo their inventory clear.
    aniamtedinv.undo.others - Allows a user to undo other's inventory clear.
    animatedinv.fortune - Access to the fortune animation with /ai fortune.
    animatedinv.admin - Access to reload the plugin etc.

    animatedinv.clear.others - Allows players to clear other player's inventories.
    animatedinv.fortune.others - Allows players to simulate others fortune.

    /ai help - Shows the help menu.
    /ai reload - Reloads the config.yml
    /ai clear (player) - Clears your inventory.

    /ai fortune (player) - Shows the fortune animation.
    /ai version - Shows what version you're running.

    /clear or /ci - If "override-clear-cmd" is set to true

    Having trouble? Got a suggestion?
    Join our support discord for quick responses from me.


    Developer API
    We've implemented a very sleek, easy to use API for developers to use.
    Click Here to view the Wiki

    Lots of time go into making these plugins.
    If you have a moment, a review or donation would be greatly appreciated.


Recent Reviews

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    Version: v7.5.1
    Really awesome plugin idea! Will be using it for my 1.15.2 Survival Server! Thank you and good job on making this!
    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the review! Glad you enjoy the plugin.
  2. hadzardoes
    Version: v6.2.1
    Good plugin. but please make a new animations bored to see just 4 animations i had h3h3h3
  3. Antrox
    Version: v6.0
    Its not a plugin I ever thought someone would actually make lol.

    Works like a charm, 5/5! :D
    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      Really glad to hear you enjoy it :)
    Version: v5.3
    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      Awesome! Thanks for pointing out that video. Glad to see people notice the unique animations. :D
  5. Minestick
    Version: v4.4.1
    Very 'Good looking' Plugin! Love it so much!
    Can I have eighty characters please? Please Please please
    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Glad you like the resource :D
    Version: v4.3.1
    Very nice plugin. Nice designs on the page. Well encrypted.
    Is there something bad about this plugin? No.

    I definitely recommend this plugin to everyone.

    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ thank you
  7. PluginDownloader
    Version: v2.1
    Excellent plugin. Updated version 1.11.2
    Keep up the good work ;D
    * Rerate the plugin from 4 stars to 5 stars *
    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  8. TheMovieMaker
    Version: v1.6
    I love it! Its so fancy and modern! PLEASE MORE ANIMATIONS!!!!!!!!!! <3
    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      Thanks! More animations will come once I get some good juicy ideas.
  9. ItsDiaaaaaaa
    Version: v1.6
    soooooo cool and fun!could i share this plugin on
    mcbbs is a Chinese Minecraft Forum,Let more Chinese People know this very cool and fun plugin!I have bad english,sorry,i want you understand
    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      Yes that's perfectly fine! If you could leave a small disclaimer on your post with the website link of this post there, I'd really appreciate that!
  10. Mr.UshankaMC
    Version: v1.4
    Very fancy! There's not that much that I could add it's really good looking. Good Job
    1. zach_attack
      Author's Response
      I really appreciate it! I seriously enjoy working on this project. ;)