AnimatedInventory v7.6.3

Clearing inventories is so boring! Why not spice it up with AnimatedInventory?

  1. AnimatedInventory v7.6.3 - Added 1.17 Support

    This is a very minor update that adds support for 1.17 and makes some slight optimizations throughout the plugin. AnimatedInventory has not been tested on 1.17 yet, but in theory this update should support it just fine!
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  2. AnimatedInventory v7.6.2 - Bug Fix

    • Fixed an error on 1.16 related to the GUI.
  3. v7.6.1 - Add 1.16 Support

    • This update adds 1.16 and 1.16.1 support to AnimatedInventory.
  4. AnimatedInventory - Confirm Prompt & 1 time backups!

    • Introducing a new Confirm Prompt! This is a GUI that will appear asking the user if they wish to clear their inventory. You can disable this by settings "confirm-prompt" in the config to false.
    • This update also adds One Time Use Backups. With this, you can now let your users undo/clear their own inventory and not worry as much about duplication glitches....
  5. AnimatedInventory v7.5.5 - Fix Drop Error

    • This update focuses on some general optimizations to the overall plugin to help keep this version running smooth. Thanks for using AnimatedInventory! (v7.5.4)
    • Fixes an error that is thrown when a player drops an item from their inventory. (v7.5.5)
  6. AnimatedInventory v7.5.3 - Minor Optimizations

    • Made some minor optimizations to the overall plugin.
    • Fixed unnecessary string conversions.
    • Cleaned up some formatting.
    • Removed unused player variables from Particle handlers.
    • Built around latest 1.15.2 version....
  7. AnimatedInventory v7.5.1 - Just some extra love!

    • Build around the latest Spigot 1.15.1 version.
    • Improved startup time by preventing emergency clear checking when nobody is online.
    • Removed deprecated "send-message" event from the API
    • Improved overall event integrity within the Main class.
    • Fixed disabled worlds saving as an Array (in-order) when it should've been a List (no specific order)....
  8. AnimatedInventory v7.5 - Add 1.15 Support

    • Added 1.15 Support. (Now supports 1.13, 1.14 and 1.15)
    • Changed Actionbar messages from NMS to a more reliable long-term method.
    • Added a PlayerFortuneEnd API event.
    • Made join events async to allow even faster connection times for players....
  9. AnimatedInventory v7.4 - Bug Fixes & New Animation!

    What's New?
    • Added a new Fire Ball clearing animation!
    • Fixed CommandSender being called when Player should've been.
    • Fixed an error that could occur if players changed worlds and left real quickly.
    • Fixed emergency clear/fortune cancelled messages not having a prefix. Poor...
  10. AnimatedInventory v7.3 - Slot Skipping, Keep Armor & Bugfixes

    What's New?
    • Removed 1.12 support for the time being, as I forgot it is still using legacy minecraft ID's and data values.
    • Added slot-skipping feature in the config to skip certain slots. For slot numbers, see...