AnimatedScoreboard 0.2.1

An animated and anti-flicker scoreboard plugin with 1500+ placeholders, effects and eventtriggers

  1. Version 0.2.1 - Rewritten command, adds new tag and unlimited title length on 1.13+

    General improvements:
    • Titles are now no longer limited to 128 characters on 1.13 and have support for unlimited characters just like all of the other lines
    • Added support for MVdWPlaceholderAPI so those placeholders can now be used as well

    New gradient tag:
    • This new tag can only be used on 1.16+ servers because it makes use of the hex colours...
  2. Version 0.2.0 - Full 1.16, RGB, unlimited line length, permission updates and more!

    Full 1.16 support:
    - Every version of 1.16 is now fully supported and this brings some awesome features such as RGB support.
    - The RGB colours are represented by their hex value prefixed by a &. So if we want to represent red we use: &#ff0000Red text. This is of course not limited to red, simply look up the hex colour of a colour you like and put a & in front of it to use it on the scoreboard!
    - With a little bit more time you can create awesome gradients...
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  3. Version 0.1.9 - Bug fixes and improved error handling

    Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed '/asb reload' not resending the scoreboards after it was done reloading
    • Fixed an issue where joining would sometimes throw an error

    • When something causes an error the plugin will now try to resend the scoreboard

    New ideas or feedback is always welcome!
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  4. Version 0.1.8 - Compatibility update

    AnimatedScoreboard is now fully compatible with other plugins (e.g. Nametag or Tablist plugins):
    • Reworked a big part of the scoreboard handling to make it fully compatible with other (scoreboard) plugins. Other plugins will no longer interfere with the scoreboard of this plugin and vice versa.

    Added possibility to hide messages:
    • Messages that are empty in the messages.yml file will now no longer be sent to the player
    • Example: when you use '/asb...
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  5. Version 0.1.7 - force-legacy bug fix

    Bugs fixed:
    • Combining the force-legacy mode of ASB with ProtocolSupport would result in the scoreboard not showing some characters in the middle of the line for Minecraft clients under 1.13. This issue has now been resolved.
  6. Version 0.1.6 - Added force-legacy option

    Added force-legacy option:
    • You should only enable this option if you're using a >1.13 server.jar but use a protocol changing plugin (e.g. ProcotocolSupport) to allow legacy clients (<1.13)
    • Enabling that option will force the plugin to use a scoreboard that is compatible with all Minecraft client versions (1.8 - 1.15).
    • This option is disabled by default but can be enabled in the config.yml
    Code (YAML):
    #Here you...
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  7. Version 0.1.5 - Trigger improvements

    Trigger improvements:
    • If a trigger is active and another trigger is called the plugin will now switch correctly to the new trigger.
    • The trigger.yml file is now only ignored if it is the default file. Before it was always ignored causing some people to think the triggers were broken.
    • Triggers with a -1 stay time will now stay until another trigger is called or till the player switches worlds.
    • Added...
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  8. Version 0.1.4 - Quick bugfix

    Quick bugfix 0.1.4:
    • Scoreboards would load out of order resulting in the wrong scoreboard being chosen.

    Update 0.1.3:
    • Added full support for Spigot versions 1.8 - 1.15, this includes scoreboard text up to 128 characters per line for 1.13+
    • Improved performance, the plugin will probably not even show up in...
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  9. Version 0.1.3


    • Added full support for Spigot versions 1.8 - 1.15, this includes scoreboard text up to 128 characters per line for 1.13+
    • Improved performance, the plugin will probably not even show up in /timings.
    • Updated bStats to the latest version
    • Added player data storage options in the config. You're now able to choose if the player data should be stored in a YAML file or in an SQLite database, this can be changed in the...
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  10. Version 0.1.2


    • Fixed NullPointerException when doing /asb list when the triggers were disabled
    • The stay attribute of the update tag now automatically uses the line's interval if it is not set
    • Added a new tag: health
    • The health tag comes with 4 arguments: full (default: &4, half (default: &c), empty (default: &f) and update (default: 5)....