Annihilation | The best annihilation skript in spigotmc abandoned

A brand new game type

  1. i998979
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Currently this script does not contain all the feature. But I am trying my best to implement them all.

    - Command to vote for the map before the game start
    - Undroppable, Soulbound, Classitem to prevent player throw specific item
    - Game join, status sign
    - in-game shop sign to purchase item with gold
    - scoreboard to show nexus health, phase, and the map name
    - resource block auto-regenerate
    - non-placeable resource block
    - Random team spawn point
    - Change class portal (buggy)
    - Portal from bossworld to normal world
    - Map Builder item to let you to set up the map step by step
    - Launch Pad with iron, gold block, redstone lamp
    - No fall damage while using launch pad
    - Every feature has its own command (almost all for system usage)
    - Pseudo adventure mode (That mean you are in survival, but you must break block with correct tool)
    - Resource Block to inventory directly
    - Ender Furnace (That mean player has his own furnace) (the item will not smelt when no player is online)
    - Death message (Such as i998979(ACR) killed Isaac0810(CIV))
    - Classes (Currently Vampire, Thor, Dasher, Civilian, Builder, Berserker, Bard, Archer, Acrobat)
    - Global (by adding ! before the chat) /Team chat
    - Auto respawn (No "You died" Screen)
    - No respawn after nexus dead
    - 5 Phase game


    - world regenerate after the game ends
    - Wither boss while phase of later
    - Witch while phase 3
    - Inventory menu to choose class, map, team, and the preferences
    - image while you join team, team destroyed (That mean when you join a team/nexus destroyed, you/all player will receive a icon that shows the phase, team)


    - Admin GUI to control phase, nexus health, map etc......
    - Rank system
    - Special death message when your team is dead, in attacking, in defending nexus
    - Team balancer
    - Stats to show your win, lose, kill, death, nexus damage etc...
    - Auto start when online player > player that auto start needed
    - Anti Combat Logout
    - Safe Logout (That mean you will be teleported after you logout safely)
    - Xp Shop (let you to purchase kits via in-game menu with money)

    Videos & Pictures

    Arguments with [] can be ommited

    /anni start: force start the game
    /anni stop: forsce stop a game
    /anni mapbuilder: open mapbuilder tool. right click with diamond pickaxe named &bMapBuilder Tool to open mapbuilder (can be configurable later)

    /team join <team>: join a team
    /team leave: leave the team
    /team view: show the team stats
    /advancedphase: to acivate the changes when phase change

    /debug <args>:
    1-5: change the phase
    up: disable the nexus protection
    ap: enable the nexus protection
    rn: reset nexus hp, set nexus to end stone
    gamestart: set {GameStarted} variables to 1 (this variable controls many command can/cannot be used)
    gamestop: set {GameStarted} variables to 0 (same as gamestart)
    x2: set per nexus damage to 2
    x1: set per nexus damage to 1
    timerrs: set end game count down to 30 second

    /kit <kit>: select your kit (most of them is incomplete)
    /arc: get archer default kit
    /das: get dasher default kit (class incompelete)
    /bui: get builder default kit ( might make you crash server)
    /civ: get civilian default kit

    /map <mapname>: force set a map to a map you type(incomplete)
    /enderfurnace: remote open your ender furnace (* dont let the player know this command so they can remote open the ender furnace)




    - Skript
    - ExtraSK
    - LibsDisguises
    - PirateSK
    - NametagEdit
    - ProtocolLib
    - RandomSK
    - SkExtras
    - SkQuery
    - SkRayFall
    - Umbaska
    - Vault
    - WildSkript
    - Latest aliases (, use this to replace the system generated one


    - Download all the dependencies as needed
    - Download this resource
    - Put them all into your server plugins folder
    - Run the server once


    - Download all the dependencies as needed
    - Put them all into your server plugins folder
    - Run the server once
    - Download this resource
    - Place the .sk file you downloaded into Skript/scripts folder
    - Reload / restart Server-



    If you have any ideas, feel free to tell me in the Discussion Section


    Can't answer what you concern? PM me / post in the Discussion Section to get more information.
    Q. I get console spam like this frequently!

    Code (Text):
    [19:49:35 WARN]: [Skript] Cannot write variables to the database 'default' at sufficient speed; server performance may suffer and many variables will be lost if the server crashes. (this warning will be repeated at most once every 10 seconds)

    A. I have tried my best to solve this problem. This error exists because Skript is modifying database with sufficient speed. Try to give more resources your server. I will also improve the code to fix this problem.

    Q. Why I need lots of plugins as dependencies?

    A. This resource is based on Skript plugin and its Add-On. I can't help if you can't install a lot of dependencies. Currently impossible to compress those features into a jar file for you to download. Please consider carefully before purchasing this resource.

    Q. I get bugs / console errors / nothing received after typing a command.

    Bugs / Console errors: Please make sure that you didn't mess up the code of the resource. Try to use a clean copy of the resource before seek help from me. I will help you as much as I can if you tell me the bug by PM or the Discussion section. Otherwise I will just ignore you.

    Nothing received after typing a command: Please make sure you follow the Commands Section above to use those commands. You might not get messages if you entered the wrong arguments.

    Q. Does this resource support xxxx Platform / xxx Server / xxx Minecraft version ?

    A. I am sorry that I can't test all the platforms, servers, minecraft version. I don't have the time and resources to do so. If you are getting problems about those platform / server / minecraft version issue, please tell me the bug by PM or the Discussion section, I will try my best to help you fix it.

    Terms of use

    - You are not permitted to redistribute any part of this resource in any form.
    - You are not permitted to modify the code of this resource and redistribute as your own work.
    - You are not suggested to leave a review about any problem occurred like bug fix. Otherwise I will just ignore you.
    - You will not being alerted if this section is being modified.
    - You are permitted to leave a review to comment this resource.
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    Version: abandoned
    Very good Annihilation skript. 100% Working and good job Bro.

  2. darwkin
    Version: abandoned
    excellent el plugin pero no se como textear las arenas esta dificil, tienes Discord quiero contactarme contigo..
  3. LifeTimeGames
    Version: abandoned
    Nice i use it for my server _____________----------------------_____________________----------------------
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    Version: abandoned
    its an good plugin and sad that you abandoned the plugin couse i really like it and its not low effort ik that you put al lot of effort on it
  5. AsaPlaysMC
    Version: 0.1.scout.branch
    Hey, Excellent Plugin/Skript, Love it, contact me on skype for an idea i have for you, asamoali is my skype <3 (You can actually impliment it in this plugin)
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your support
      But i dont use skype。。。
  6. Supertutos
    Version: 0.1 Alpha
    Hi man, you make a great work excelent skripts!!! Contact me in skype plz supertutosmenxxale good skript!!!
    1. i998979
      Author's Response
      Yea, i used a lot of time to make this skript
      I started before last summer holiday and abandoned aftervthe holiday…
      Coz it is a huge plugin that i cant use 2months to do
      But thanks for your support
      I might pick up this project