Announcer Plus [Hex RGB, PlaceholderAPI, JSON, Toast] 1.2.5

Custom Join/Quit messages and auto-broadcasts! Text animations, Boss Bars, Titles. and much more!

  1. jmp
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    AnnouncerPlus is a plugin that adds:
    • Custom Join and Quit messages, assigned by permission
      • Custom join MotD messages
      • Custom broadcasts on player join/quit
      • Custom commands on player join/quit
      • Sounds on player join/quit
      • Custom Titles/Subtitles and Action/Boss Bars on player join
      • Custom Toast/Achievements on player join
    • Sending automatic messages/broadcasts on timers, assigned by permissions
      • Randomize the order of messages
      • Play sounds
      • Show Titles
      • Show Boss Bars
      • Show Action Bars
      • Show custom Toast/Achievements
    • Send/broadcast Messages, Titles, Action Bars, Boss Bars, and Toasts to worlds or players using commands.
    • Titles, Subtitles, Boss Bars, and Action Bars from the plugin support animations. More info in the wiki.
    • Messages are parsed using MiniMessage, meaning there is support for all vanilla chat colors and Hex color codes, as well as gradients. Check out the AnnouncerPlus wiki for more info
    PlaceholderAPI is a highly recommended, but optional dependency. You may use any PlaceholderAPI placeholders in messages. Vault is a required dependency.

    Feature Summary:
    • Custom Join and Quit messages
      • Join/Quit configs are in the "plugins/AnnouncerPlus/joinquit/" folder
      • Optional first join config (different messages, titles, commands, etc. for a player's first join)
      • Create multiple Join/Quit message configs and assign them by permission
      • Assign groups of Join/Quit configs and randomly select one on join/quit
      • Also supports Join and Quit
        • Titles + Subtitles
        • Action Bars
        • Boss Bars
        • Sounds
        • Commands
        • Toast/Achievements
      • [​IMG]

    • Custom broadcast messages
      • Broadcast configs are in the "plugins/AnnouncerPlus/messages/" folder
      • Create multiple broadcast configs and assign them by permission
      • Also supports these actions on broadcast:
        • Titles + Subtitles
        • Action Bars
        • Boss Bars
        • Sounds
        • Commands
        • Toast/Achievements

    • Supports all chat colors including Hex color codes
      • For example:
        • [​IMG]
        • Code (XML):
          <color:#ff00ff>Colored text!</color:#ff00ff>
          <red>Red Text <yellow>Yellow text</yellow> <bold>Red and BOLD text</red></bold>
    • Supports Hover Text and Click Options for text
      • List of Hover Actions
      • List of Click Actions
      • For example:
        • [​IMG]
        • Code (XML):
          <click:run_command:/spawn><hover:show_text:'<green><italic>Click to run!'><rainbow>/spawn</rainbow></hover></click>
    • Text Animations for Boss/Action Bars and Titles/Subtitles
      • Documentation for Text Animations can be found on the wiki
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG]
    • PlaceholderAPI Support
      • If PlaceholderAPI is installed, Join/Quit messages and all broadcasts will be parsed for PlaceholderAPI placeholders.
      • Available Placeholders
      • Example:
        • [​IMG]
        • Code (XML):
          Hello, %essentials_nickname%<reset>! You have $<green>%vault_eco_balance_commas%
    • Full Information on Syntax/Formatting
      • Check out the GitHub wiki page here
      • The GitHub wiki link above contains info about
        • Centering Text
        • Full Syntax Documentation
    • Tab-complete support for commands
    • Support for Vanish
      • Join/quit broadcasts will not be sent for players who are vanished
      • Supports SuperVanish, ProtocolVanish, EssentialsX Vanish, etc.

    Join/Quit message permissions
    • To assign join/quit messages to a player/group use the announcerplus.join.configname and announcerplus.quit.configname permissions
      • For example to assign the default included join/quit messages to everyone, give the default group the announcerplus.join.default and announcerplus.quit.default permissions.
    • For random Join/Quit config selection, groups of join/quit configs may be created in main.conf and then assigned by the announcerplus.raindomjoin.groupname and announcerplus.raindomquit.groupname permissions. There is more detail in main.conf
    • A common mistake is that players with OP will have duplicate join/quit messages. To solve this make sure to negate the permissions you don't want them to have using your permissions plugin.
    Auto-announcements permissions
    • To set a player/group to receive broadcasts from a message config, use the announcerplus.messages.configname permission
      • For example to make everyone receive the demo messages, give the default group the announcerplus.messages.demo permission
    • To stop a player from receiving broadcasts while AFK use the announcerplus.messages.configname.afk permission
      • For example to make no one get the demo messages while they are AFK give the default group the announcerplus.messages.demo.afk permission
    /announcerplus reload
    • Required permission: announcerplus.reload
    • Reloads all config files
    /announcerplus broadcast
    • Required permission: announcerplus.broadcast
    • Use this command to manually broadcast a message with the same parsing (placeholders, formatting, etc.) as in the configs
    • There are also similar commands, /announcerplus broadcasttoast, /announcerplus broadcasttitle, and etc. Their permissions are similar, i.e. announcerplus.broadcasttoast
    /announcerplus send
    • Required permission: announcerplus.send
    • Use this command to manually send a message to players.
    • There are also similar commands, /announcerplus sendtoast, /announcerplus sendtitle, and etc. Their permissions are similar, i.e. announcerplus.sendtoast
    /announcerplus parse
    • Required permission: announcerplus.parse
    • Use this command to test parsing a message.
    • Running this command will send back the parsed message.
    /announcerplus parseanimation
    • Required permission: announcerplus.parseanimation
    • Use this command to test parsing a text with animations.
    • Running this command will display the animation as a title.
    /announcerplus list
    • Required permission: announcerplus.list
    • Use this command to list the messages of a message config
    /announcerplus help
    • Use this command for help with AnnouncerPlus commands.
    • It will only display help for commands which the user has permission for

    Other Info:
    • You can assign Join/Quit messages and announcements per world using LuckPerms contexts!
    • Toast/Achievement type messages only work in Minecraft 1.12+.
    • When running the plugin on an old server version (ex. 1.8.8) and using ViaVersion, 1.16+ clients will receive RGB text still!
    • Written in Kotlin
      • The Kotlin Standard Library is included inside the jar and no other plugins are required.

    Support is given in my Discord as well as in the Discussions Tab.
    I am open to feature requests, but make no guarantees I will add anything.
    Please rate my plugin if you liked it or if it helped you out! ( Ratings are not for support! Using ratings for support = no support :( )
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  1. Camm
    Version: 1.2.5
    The best announcement plugin available. It has all the features and configuration options you would ever need, with an active developer & using a great library for RGB & animations. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  2. superzyr
    Version: 1.2.4
    Fantastic plugin, well-made and I'm absolutely loving the toast feature. Thank you developer!
  3. lepel100
    Version: 1.2.3
    I'm not sure if there is a better announcerplugin then this one. It's very extensive and you can use almost every function as an announcement. Such as bossbar, title bar, achievements etc. etc.
  4. Ixogamer
    Version: 1.2.3
    Best than most paid plugins. The configuration files are confusing, but that's fixed by installing Visual Studio Code and a Hocon extension. Has a lot of configs, and a really nice dev. I recommend!
  5. JCJC
    Version: 1.2.3
    This is really good, highly recommended! At first, this is pretty hard to configure/read due to plain text/no highlighting until you mentioned the HOCON syntax highlighting. Now, I can configure it with ease. Thank you for this!
  6. MinecraftAdmin
    Version: 1.2.3
    Best, most customizable and versatile plugin for announcements, but configuration is a nightmare. Would appreciate YML format!
    1. jmp
      Author's Response
      The configuration files are quite simple in my opinion, and if they are too difficult for you to understand, I think the YAML version of them may actually be harder for you to configure, as SnakeYAML does not support loading or saving of comments (comments are simply ignored by the parser). The HOCON format was specifically chosen for it's ability to load and save comments, which is what allows for the AnnouncerPlus configs to have useful labels on every option describing what they do and how to use them. I suggest using a text editor which supports HOCON syntax highlighting to assist in editing the configs, as I will not be making any effort to switch the plugin to YAML, at least not until there is a solution to the technical limitations with comments.
  7. Nolber
    Version: 1.2.3
    Excellent complement, it is extraordinary, however I would like the config to be more friendly (yaml file)
  8. GreenToke
    Awesome plugin man. I like all the features available in it.
    But i have one problem, your plugin is crashing my server, soon as i connect boom disconnected..without your plugin got any ideas how to solve this?
    1. jmp
      Author's Response
      Send a paste of the crash log ( in the Discussion section or in my Discord, and I can help you figure out the cause.
  9. Mr.Snipa
    Version: 1.2.0
    This is EXACTLY the plugin that I needed! PERFECT for ANY type of player first join customization, has INSANE features!!! I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for this plugin!!!!
  10. SGhost
    Version: 1.2.0
    Simplemente hermoso completo sin problemas ni bugs 10/10 seguí así