Another AutoBroadcaster 0.2

Broadcasts messages automatically

  1. DaleAGaming
    Hello! I'm Aidan this is my first ever bukkit plugin.

    What it does and use
    This is used to automatically broadcast messages. It can be used for many different things. Advertisement, announcements its up to you!

    When on the server you can stop the broadcast and start the broadcast. You cannot start a broadcast twice! You can change the text.

    Upcoming features!
    Instead of going into the jar file to change when the message is sent out you can change it in the config. More features will come soon!

    IF you decide to change the jar file line 20 is were you change when it sends! How can you get involved? Well you can PM me requesting to test it or other things!

    Donations are always welcome! You can PM me to donate.