Anti-ArmorStands v2.1

Remove armor stand laggers from your server!

  1. Bug fixes

    Fixed armor stands from still being able to be pushed by pistons from certain angles
  2. Many features

    Fixed unarmored armor stands from being detected as armored
    (i put "is air" instead of "is not air")
    Made armor stands not be able to be pushed by water
    Made armor stands nto be able to be pushed by pistons
  3. Bug fixes

    Fixed max armor stands from being the config max + 1
    (so if max was 5 you could still place 6, not anymore :D)
  4. Fixed some issues

    Fixed overall from not counting the armor stands in a 16 block radius (when an armor stand spawned it loops all entities and detects if they are armor stand and adds it to a variable, but i accidently put 'else' instead of just nothing)