Anti Bot Attack 2.1

The most efficient way to Block Bots without having to check them!

  1. Tedzi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    Have you ever wondered how do big servers don’t suffer from bot attacks? Either online or offline?
    Your bungeecord gets overloaded and ram on 100%?
    You search the web for protections but anti-proxy plugins are ineffective and iptables just protects too much?

    This is your best solution! You don’t have to worry more about it because this plugin will use the best method to protect you: ONLINE MODE and still work on offline servers.
    • Lightweight
    • Works for bungeecord AND spigot
    • Detects bot attacks and enables online mode protection (Configurable)
    • Your players won't loose any settings because the server will still log online players as offline (uuid).
    • Non-bot players will still be able to login since the plugin can recognize them.
    • You can change your motd when bots are attacking.
    • No tasks, no mysql, no nothing!
    • During a bot-attack you can choose wether to let only premium players log in
    Just like a vulnerable server owner I was once, people often enjoy downloading spam bot tools and considerate themselves as "supreme hackers". Spamming bots is a skill less attack, and I consider it as an offline minecraft vulnerability. So everyone should be able to get protection to this, without paying for it.

    • Nothing if you are using bungeecord version
    • ProtocolLib (for Spigot version only)
    • Java 8 (recommended)
    • Offline or Mixed Mode Server


    Every server has offline players and premium players. Anti Bot Attack detects patterns of bot-attacks and enables the perfect protection: Online Mode
    What about non-premium players?
    - They will still be able to join :) The plugin will recognize them because they accessed through the Server-List and they will be able to join if the protection is enabled.

    What are the best news? This works for EVERY TYPE OF SERVER - Offline, Mixed-Mode… Without players losing any items!

    Whenever a bot attack is happening the plugin only allows original players in, during a configurable amount of time (or until bot attack ends) and if the server is offline, they will keep their offline UUID.

    This is what the bots will see:
    This is what the players can see:


    Known Incompatibilities:
    There are no other known incompatibilities. It should be compatible to every bungeecord mixed mode authentication plugins.


    /aba - Main command for admins
    /aba reload - Reload configuration
    /aba on - Enable protection
    /aba off - Disable protection

    Permissions: aba.admin

    Code (Text):

    # Anti Bot Attack
    # By: imTedzi
    # Configuration Details
    # MAX-LOGINS - Max logins allowed per time defined in "PER-HOW-MUCH-SECONDS"
    # PER-HOW-MUCH-SECONDS - How much seconds should the protection detect max logins
    # ANTIBOT-TIME - How much time will the Antibot Protection kick in and prevent offline logins
    # DEBUG - You won't need to enable this :)
    # UNABLE-TO-LOGIN - Message that is given to the player in case an internal error occours
    # CHANGE-MOTD - In case there's a bot attack happening, do you wish to update the motd to warn the players?
    # MOTD-PROTECTION-ENABLED - To which motd?
    # OFFLINE - If your server is offline, leave this as true. If you have a mixed-mode server,
    # it means you log your online players as in an online server, so put this as false.
    # PING - Another protection method over the default one, if you enable this, players who pinged the server (which
    # means players who saw the server in the Server-List) will also be allowed in when an attack is happening (besides premium).
    # REFRESH-TIME - During a period of time, the plugin will refresh the whitelisted players who saw the server in the
    # Server-List. You can change the time here, case of doubt, leave it as default.
    # CACHE-SIZE - Some massive bot attacks try to fill your BungeeCord RAM. To avoid that, I've set a Max CACHE-SIZE for
    # whitelisted players who saw the server in the Server-List. Increasing = more valid players are allowed during bot attacks
    # Case of doubt, leave it as default.

        max-logins: 50
        per-how-much-seconds: 1
        antibot-time: 60
        unable-to-login: '&cUnable to login!'
        motd-protection-enabled: '&6Yourserver-firstline%newline%A&7nti Bot Protection &aON'
        enabled: true
        change-motd: true
        offline: true
          enabled: true
          refresh-time: 300
          cache-size: 1000


    Please note that by download this plugin you agree to the following:
    1 - You are not allowed to modify the plugin and credit yourself
    2 - Don't make reviews about bad features before contacting me.
    3 - Im not obligated to do updates.

    Source at Github

    Credits: Exunary for the image icons

    Thanks to File14 for an awesome idea to improve the plugin!
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Recent Reviews

  1. DaimHosting
    Version: 2.1
    me gusto mucho si spoiler de porque no se paga ya que yo fui una persona con una network que ni protecion tenia y todo me borraron asta mis mundos y me agradan muchas estas personas que se interesan por ayudar a los demas gratuitamente apoyando cada dia:)
  2. PietroBonelli
    Version: 2.1
    Orrible antibot, if there is a botattack the plugin block ALL the players to join and, the threads bypass che antibot, terrible
    1. Tedzi
      Author's Response
      It is clearly explained which players the bot blocks and how. It uses the online mode protection to prevent your server from burning. Please consider reading the plugin information.
  3. dinoboss2001
    Version: 2.1
    buen plugin gracias por crarlo
    buen plugin gracias por crarlobuen plugin gracias por crarlobuen plugin gracias por crarlobuen plugin gracias por crarlobuen plugin gracias por crarlobuen plugin gracias por crarlobuen plugin gracias por crarlobuen plugin gracias por crarlobuen plugin gracias por crarlo
  4. Little_Potato_
    Version: 2.1
    Thank you so much!! It's so kind of you to make this free and it actually works, unlike others.
  5. GuerreroCraft61
    Version: 2.1
    Update to 1.12 plis
  6. ItzDaniBG
    Version: 2.1
    I haven't tested it yet, but it looks good. Can you update it to 1.12.x version :)
  7. royzonneveld
    Version: 2.1
    Good, Thanks for the plugin! I've got a little suggestion: Make it so it is alerting staff when a botAttack is going on ;)
  8. Emilien52
    Version: 2.1
    Good plugin, add message alert for attack please
    Excuse my english I speak french
  9. lulek123
    Version: 2.1
    Doesn't work players can't join the server with cracked accounts when its on protection mode ON. I am using bungeecord. Am I doing someting wrong. HELP ME!!
    1. Tedzi
      Author's Response
      Enable ping protection ( = true) in the config and then give me feedback by PM if it solves your problem.
  10. Dunaland1
    Version: 2.1
    I just downloaded it and I hope I never see how good it is :D
    But I am writing this review because this is what I've been looking for and I want to say Thank you!
    1. Tedzi
      Author's Response
      Hope it helps you.