Anti-Build 1.0.1

Prevents everyone from building.

  1. v1.0.1 Fixed reload command

    Fixed the reload command

    I forgot to test it before releasing the plugin :p
  2. v1.0 Re-made into normal plugin!

    I have finally gone back and re-made this into a normal plugin!
    This no longer requires Skript (because its not a skript plugin anymore!)

    I have also added some features:
    + Change all messages in the config
    + Added some checks to make sure people don't use the push thing to get to places they are not supposed to
    + Allows you to disable the push thing when someone breaks/places a block.

  3. Added .sk file

    Changed it so that when you download, it will download the .sk instead of a zip file
  4. Removed the enable-default option.

    I had to do it :,(

    Removed the enable-default option, it was not working and causing the plugin to not load

    I made that last update really late at night, and I forgot to test it. Sorry

    Post suggestions in the discussion tab.
  5. More config options + /build udates

    2nd update! :)

    Added an option to have building disabled when the plugin in loaded
    Also /build can not be completely disabled, you can still disable building, but not enable it.

    Put suggestions in the discussion tab.
  6. Added config

    First update :)

    Added a config (open the
    Added comments to see what the current 1 thing in the config does
    Added an option to disable the /build command

    Thats it! Request more features in the Discussion tab.