Anti BungeeBypass Anti BungeeBypass 0.3

Stop bungee-bypassers

  1. CaptainXan
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13

    What is Anti BungeeBypass?
    Anti BungeeBypass is a really small plugin that stops 'bungee-bypassers' as i call them, bungee-bypassers are players that use their own bungeecord server that is in offline mode to connect to your servers with a cracked account (Like the account of a server owner).

    How does this plugin work?
    This plugin checks if the UUID of the player is the same as the one at the minecraft site (Players in offline mode have a different UUID than players in online mode). If they're the same the player can join otherwise they see the message that has been set in the config:


    (It actually just checks if the player is a premium account or not)

    Just drop the AntiBungeeBypass.jar file into you plugins folder of your preferred servers.
    WARNING: This is a Spigot/Bukkit plugin! It won't work for BungeeCord!


    Code (Text):

    #%player% = player name

    #Plugin status
    enabled: true

    #Message prefix
    prefix: '&6[&eABB&6] &7'

    kick: '&7You cannot join this server with this account!'
    admins: '%player% tried to join in offline mode!'
    console: 'Someone tried to join with %player% in offline mode!'

    /abb update : this command checks if there is a new version available.
    /abb help : displays a message with all available commands.

    ABB.admin : gives acces to all functions of this plugin.

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  1. Spigot 1.9

Recent Reviews

  1. Lucaskyy
    Version: Anti BungeeBypass 0.3
    The system used works, yes.

    But do not use this plugin anymore, use BungeeGuard.
    This plugin sends requests to the Mojang API, which is rate-limited!
    This means if a bad actor sends 1000 MC bots to your server using the BungeeSpoof bypass (which ABB tries to defend) your system will be blocked by Mojang's API which in turn makes it so no one can join your server for a couple of minutes. Now say, if the bad actor loop the bots forever no one will ever be able to join your server again.

  2. ExtraFires
    Version: Anti BungeeBypass 0.3
    Thank you very nice plugin! ............................................................
  3. TheGamingTrollYT
    Version: Anti BungeeBypass 0.3
    This plugin is amazing we just had a hacker incident and this plugin completely stopped them thank you so much.
  4. ItsSniper
    Version: Anti BungeeBypass 0.3
    Amazing plugin. It works just as it says it will. I am currently on version 1.10.2 and I have no issues whatsoever. I would rate it higher than 5 stars if I could. With this plugin im able to remove /register and /login which opened a ton of space. Thanks to the developers who made this :)