Anti Combat Log Lite 3.0

Prevent people from Combat Logging

  1. Huge cleanup

    A huge cleanup!
    • Fixed players tag not being removed when being killed
    • When a player combat logs, their items will be dropped
    • More efficient code regarding the action bar sending
    How to install
    1. Download latest version
    2. Delete the folder of AntiCombatLog Lite
    3. Drag and drop the downloaded file inside the plugins folder
    4. Restart your server.
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  2. Actionbar message

    • The following messages are now being showed in the actionbar instead of a message in chat:
      • player-tagged
      • player-tagtime
      • player-untagged
      • player-moved
    If you have a bug please report them in the discussion part of this plugin OR PM me :)

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  3. Hot fix

    • Command-whitelist should work now ^^ Stupid mistake
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  4. Fix + Change

    • Fixed Nullpointer on startup when loading config.
    • Command blacklist is now command-whitelist. This is a time saver I think for most of you guys. (Suggested by @TheDutchApp )
    How to install update:
    1. Download the newest version
    2. Remove the config/change command-blacklist to command-whitelist
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  5. Update

    • AntiCombat no longer need DRCAPI to function.
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  6. New Feature + Error fixes

    Fixed Errors:
    - Fixed NullPointer when being hit by a Zombie or other non Player Entity.

    Added features:
    - You can now punish your players even more by banning them.

    How to update:
    1. Download the latest version
    2. Starting from 1.1 you'll need my API which you can download here
    3. Delete your config file OR add the following things
      Code (Text):
      #When this is allowed, players...
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