Anti Combat Log 2.2

Prevent people from Combat Logging

  1. Actionbar message

    • The following messages are now being showed in the actionbar instead of a message in chat:
      • player-tagged
      • player-tagtime
      • player-untagged
      • player-moved
    If you have a bug please report them in the discussion part of this plugin OR PM me :)

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  2. Hot fix

    • Command-whitelist should work now ^^ Stupid mistake
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  3. Fix + Change

    • Fixed Nullpointer on startup when loading config.
    • Command blacklist is now command-whitelist. This is a time saver I think for most of you guys. (Suggested by @TheDutchApp )
    How to install update:
    1. Download the newest version
    2. Remove the config/change command-blacklist to command-whitelist
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  4. Update

    • AntiCombat no longer need DRCAPI to function.
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  5. New Feature + Error fixes

    Fixed Errors:
    - Fixed NullPointer when being hit by a Zombie or other non Player Entity.

    Added features:
    - You can now punish your players even more by banning them.

    How to update:
    1. Download the latest version
    2. Starting from 1.1 you'll need my API which you can download here
    3. Delete your config file OR add the following things
      Code (Text):
      #When this is allowed, players...
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