Anti Commands Suggestions

Manage new 1.13+ commands suggestions and prevent players from seeing your plugins!

  1. Gasha
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Gasha, SpaicyGaming
    Commands-Suggestions is feature which has come in 1.13 version which means that this plugin is only for 1.13+

    Many people saw that my CreativeSecurity plugin got new useful 1.13+ feature to manage and create infinity commands-suggestions

    so 10 people asked if i could publish additional plugin that will only have that ability to prevent 1.13+ commands-suggestions and hide plugins..

    Everyone told me to make this plugin premium because there is no other similliar plugins that can do this, so it would sell well for sure, but i decide to make it FREE for everyone and open-source code, feel free to use

    Like i said i didn't want to make this plugin premium but if you decide to use it and find this plugin useful for you, feel free to donate, even 1$ is awesome, i'm thankful for anything..small donations for free plugins gives developers big boost to continue with cool updates more and more or at least think about leaving review if you find this plugin useful

    About new advanced system for preventing certain commands
    1. Exact - Block exactly commands you setted, ONLY those..
    example if you set "ban Gasha" only /ban Gasha will be prevented not whole ban command, only exectly what you setted
    if you add only "ban" there that means only /ban will be prevented not /ban Gasha or anything else

    2. Ignore-args - Blocks setted command + all arguments..example you add "ban"

    it will prevent /ban but also /ban Gasha /ban example test
    but it won't prevent /banana , it requires arguments (space)
    This is most used type for blocking commands, i recommend this one for regular command preventing

    3. Starts-with - Blocks setted command + all arguments + no space required

    example if you prevent "ban" it will prevent /ban but also
    /ban test
    /ban eigiudsjhg esijesj fo30 03feiosfie
    thats most important "/banana" which means it does't have to have space to be recognized, it just needs to starts with

    those 3 new systems gives you unique abilites to make tons of new things on server and everything to be more accurate

    Code (Text):
    /acs reload

    Code (Text):
      # Whether to restrict 1.13 commands suggestions
      enabled: true
      # Not blocked suggestions
      # Use an empty list [] to block every suggestion)
        # Whitelist for players without any of the following permissions
          - "spawn"
          - "home"
          - "msg"
          - "reply"
          - "r"
          - "help"
          - "money"
          - "balance"
          - "tpa"

          # Whitelist for players with a specific permission.
          # Permissions format: acs.whitelist.{SECTION-NAME}
          # For example, the permission for this section is "acs.whitelist.staff"
            - "fly"
            - "kick"
            - "ban"
            - "mute"
            - "fly"
            - "kit vip"
            - "tpa"
            - "god"
          # You can add as many extra whitelists as you want
          # NOTE: changes are applied when the player joins the server

      blacklist: false
        - "pl"
      residence-regions: []
          - "tp Gasha"
          - "fly Gasha"
          - "god Gasha"
          - "pl"
          - "plugins"
          - "bukkit"
          - "epl"
          - "end"
          - "server"
          - "eplugins"
          - "bukkit:help"
          - "/?"
          - "?"
          - "calc"
          - "icanhasbukkit"
          - "about"
          - "ver"
          - "icanhasbukkit"
          - "version"
          - "bukkit:pl"
          - "bukkit:plugins"
          - "bukkit:?"
          - "eabout"
          - "bukkit:about"
          - "bukkit:ver"
          - "calculate"
          - "/solve"
          - "/worldedit:/eval"
          - "worldedit:/eval"
          - "solve"
          - "/calc"
          - "stop"
          - "restart"
          - "eop"
          - "essentials:op"
          - "essentials:eop"
          - "edeop"
          - "superpickaxe"
          - "/superpickaxe"
          - "/sp"
          - "sp"
          - "essentials:deop"
          - "essentials:edeop"
          - "icanhasbukkit ?"
          - "me"
          - "minecraft:me"
          - "minecraft:op"
          - "minecraft:pl"
          - "minecraft:deop"
          - "minecraft:?"
          - "minecraft:tp"
          - "minecraft:defaultgamemode"
          - "minecraft:execute"
          - "e:help"
          - "essentials:help"
          - "essentials:ehelp"
          - "minecraft:summon"
          - "minecraft:ban"
          - "minecraft:help"
          - "evolve"
          - "/evolve"
          - "minecraft:give"
          - "minecraft"
          - "minecraft:"
          - "we"
          - "spartan"
          - "worldedit"
          - "superpickaxe"
          - "/superpickaxe"
          - "sp"
          - "/sp"
          - "ban Gasha"

        - "&eYou don't have permission for that&c! &7 Contact &cOwner&a!"
      # Sounds played when a player is prevented from executing one of the commands

      chat-prefix: "&7[&cACS&7]&r "
      reload-no-perms: "&cYou don't have the permission to reload the configuration file!"
      reload-success: "&aConfiguration reloaded with success!"
      commands-usage: "&aUsage: &c/acs reload"

    Code (Text):
      chat-prefix: "&7[&cACS&7]&r "
      reload-no-perms: "&cYou don't have the permission to reload the configuration file!"
      reload-success: "&aConfiguration reloaded with success!"
      commands-usage: "&aUsage: &c/acs reload"

    Code (Text):
    # For example acs.whitelist.staff


    (You can use both of those plugins as i do, but at least you should use one of them)
    99.9% of servers are using worldguard so this should be perfect

    You can download WorldGuard from here

    You can download Residence from here

    List of lovely people who donated money

    Ergenta - 6.00 $
    Cypher - 5.00 $
    Minecraft Gallifrey - 5.00
    ArZor - 4.00 $
    Lazo - 4.00 $

    Thank you guys so much

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      Hey, thank you so much for such awesome review, you are really awesome ❤ ❤ ❤
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    Excellent. Exactly what I have been looking for. Keep up the great work.
    Finally, my plugins will no longer give up their secrets.
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