Anti-Curse [1.8 ~ 1.12] 2.0.0

Blocks swearing in global chat and commands!

  1. Update #8, Re-code Everything

    I re-coded everything in this plugin making it look and run more efficiently.
    New look to the code, making it look much more organized
    Changed the look of the config.yml, must delete the config or go to the resource page and copy and paste everything that has been changed
    if the config isn't changed to look how its supposed to the plugin will work, you will just get a lot of errors

    Changed the look to /Anticurse help and /Anticurse info
    Changed a lot of the error...
  2. Blocked more words

    Made it so words in the BannedWords.yml will be blocked in commands
    Example: /msg <player> you're an ass
    That msg will be blocked and wont go through, and will be notified to staff if its enabled, and well as a command will be executed to do what ever you set it to.

    Fixed a small typo in the config
    Code (Text):
    #Message you receive when you clear chat - AntiCurse.ClearChat
    If anyone has any suggestions please PM me
    If anyone wants to report a bug please PM me
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  3. Bug Fixes and More Configurable Options

    1. Fixed a typo where when you do /AntiCurse ClearChat it doesn't show the prefix
    2. Changed up a lot in the config, you can either delete it and have a new one generate, or copy and paste all the new stuff in, the updated config is in the Config Spoiler.
    3. Fixed up a lot of the code.

    Code (Text):
    # +-----------------------------------------------------+
    # <                      Anti-Curse                     >
    # <                  Creator and Author...
  4. Updated Clear Chat Messages

    I changed the way broadcasted a msg comes when you clear chat
    replace this:
    Code (Text):
    Header: "&f*&c&m--------------------------------------------&f*"
    Middle: "&eThe chat has been cleared by"
    PlayersName: "%players_displayname%"
    Footer: "&f*&c&m--------------------------------------------&f*"
    with this:
    Code (Text):
    BroadcastMessage: #MAKE SURE THIS NAME IS HERE
      - "&f*&c&m--------------------------------------------&f*"
      - "&eThe chat has been cleared by"
  5. Bug Fixes

    Fixed the permission AntiCurse.Bypass
    Edited some code
  6. Update #3, Commands Executed

    Fixed up some code.

    Added an option for commands to be executed when a player curses in chat
    add this code to line 16 in the Config.yml

    Code (Text):
    #Command thats executed when a player curses
    #Do not add the "/" before the command!
    #To disable it do Command:
    Command: kick %player% Please do not curse in chat
  7. Small Update, Editing

    Anti-Curse Version 1.1.1:
    - Edited the /ac help menu to make it look smoother
    - Edited the /ac info menu
  8. Anti-Curse's First Update

    Anti-Curse 1.1.0

    - Made it so you cant add a word that's already added in the
    - Made it so you cant remove a word that's not in the
    - Added a new command, /ac info (

    Cleaned up the code.