Anti-Drop » 1.7 - 1.17 • Item list GUI • Fully configurable 2.2.4

Force players to re-hit their drop key to actually drop specified/all items.

  1. PCPSells
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Description »

    Allows you to set whatever items you'd like to be
    more protected by making players have to re-hit
    their drop key to assure they'd actually like to drop it.

    There is also a configurable GUI that
    displays all items in your anti-drop list.

    Not only will your players enjoy this for safety reasons,
    but with clear lag being a typical necessity for most
    servers, you'll definitely end up saving a tool or two,
    which players will most definitely appreciate!

    Features »

    » Lightweight.
    » Fully configurable.
    » Configurable sounds.
    » Set all items to do this with ease!
    » Set any items you'd like to do this.
    » GUI to display all items that are applied to Anti-Drop.

    Images & GIF's »





    Commands »

    Config »​
    Code (Text):
        Enabled-By-Default: true
        # You can now also use ALL_ITEMS (Caps matter)
        Timer: 3
        # Timer is in seconds.
        Enabled: '&aON'
        Disabled: '&cOFF'
        Message-Display-Format: ' &3&l» &e%command% &3&l» &f%usage%'
        GUI-Name: '&fAnti-Drop items list'
        GUI-Items-Name-Format: '&a%item%'
            Material: PAPER
            Name: '&aAll items &fare currently applied.'
            - ''
            - ' &3&l» &fClick me to stop applying all items to &6Anti-Drop&f.'
            Name: '&a%item%'
            - ''
            - ' &3&l» &fClick me to remove from the &6Anti-Drop &fitems list.'
        Prefix: '&8(&b!&8) &3&l»'
        Header: '  &f&m+----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&8( &fAntiDrop &8)&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----+'
        Footer: '  &f&m+---&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&f&m---+'
        Anti-Drop: '%prefix% &fPress again to &asuccessfully &fdrop your &a%item_name%&f.'
        Drop: '%prefix% &fYou''ve &asuccessfully &fdropped your &a%item_name%&f.'
        # For "Drop" & "Anti-Drop" you can use either %item% or %item_name%
        Toggled: '%prefix% &6Anti&f-&6Drop&f is now %mode%&f.'
        No-Permission: '%prefix% &fSorry, but you don''t have permission to do that.'
        Reloaded: '%prefix% &fYou''ve &asuccessfully &freloaded the configuration.'
        Different-Item: '%prefix% &fSorry, but that isn''t the original pickaxe you tried to throw out previously.'
        Players-Only: '%prefix% &fSorry, but only players can use that command.'
        Use-Material: '%prefix% &fSorry, but you must use Material format, not number format. &7(exp: diamond_pickaxe, iron_spade, ALL_ITEMS)'
        Added-Item-In-Hand: '%prefix% &fYou''ve added the &a%item% &fin your hand to the &6Anti-Drop &fitems list.'
        Added-Specified-Item: '%prefix% &fYou''ve added &a%item% &fto the &6Anti-Drop &fitems list.'
        Added-All-Items: '%prefix% &fAll items are now applied to the &6Anti-Drop &fitem list.'
        Already-In-List: '%prefix% &fSorry, but that item is already in the &6Anti-Drop &fitems list.'
        Removed-Item-In-Hand: '%prefix% &fYou''ve removed the &a%item% &fin your hand from the &6Anti-Drop &fitems list.'
        Removed-Specified-Item: '%prefix% &fYou''ve removed &a%item% &ffrom the &6Anti-Drop &fitems list.'
        Removed-All-Items: '%prefix% &fAll items are no longer applied to the &6Anti-Drop &fitem list.'
        Empty-Handed: '%prefix% &fSorry, but your hand is empty.'
        Not-In-List: '%prefix% &fSorry, but that item isn''t in the &6Anti-Drop &fitems list.'
        Air-Not-An-Item: '%prefix% &fSorry, but please provide an actual item.'
        Item-Does-Not-Exist: '%prefix% &fSorry, but that item doesn''t exist.'
            Reload: '%prefix% &e/antidrop reload'
            Toggle: '%prefix% &e/antidrop toggle'
    Dev: '%prefix% &e/antidrop dev'
            GUI: '%prefix% &e/antidrop &egui &8| &emenu&'
            Add-Item: '%prefix% &e/antidrop &8(&eadditem &8| &eai&8) (&eitem type &8| &ehand &8| &eall_items&8)'
            Remove-Item: '%prefix% &e/antidrop &8(&eremoveitem &8| &eri&8) (&eitem type &8| &ehand &8| &eall_items&8)'

    Permissions »​

    AntiDrop.commands.Toggle » Allow players to toggle their Anti-Drop.
    AntiDrop.commands.Reload » Reload the configuration.
    AntiDrop.commands.AddItem » Add items to the Anti-Drop items list.
    AntiDrop.commands.Version » Access to view the plugins current version.
    AntiDrop.commands.RemoveItem » Remove items from the Anti-Drop items list.
    AntiDrop.commands.Menu » Opens a GUI to display the items on the Anti-Drop items list.

    Support »
    The quickest way to get support for any of my resources
    would be to join the Discord.
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Recent Reviews

  1. jyklenth
    Version: 2.2.4
    Thank you so much sir this is really work in my server 1.16.5 good works sir keep it up <3
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Much appreciated :)
  2. SuperMax_8
    Version: 2.2.4
    It reads config files permanently it's super poorly optimized this plugin is bad
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Kinda why there's a built in game GUI to add/remove items from the list. Oh and a reload sub-command for direct file editing. :/
  3. Alex99
    Version: 2.1.3
    Good plugin I apologize for the review before
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      All good.
  4. KhrysAK47
    Version: 2.1.3
    The header / footer still show up on toggle antidrop message even if its disabled via config, asked author for help via discord, none was provided.
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Support was provided, I will be updating the resource with your request soon. Sorry man, I have a life.
  5. MynameisTg
    Version: 2.1.3
    bug with full inventory and drop armor will error let test it .
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Please message me on Discord then.
  6. WuFuLin222
    Version: 2.1.3
    Great plug-in, but with a bug, all "gold_??" can't prevent it from falling
    And then there's wooden' sword
    Game version 1.12.2
    Machine translation, please understand :)
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      In 1.12.2 it's still GOLD_ not GOLDEN_
  7. dohuuduc
    Version: 2.1.2
    plug - support very good!
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      ❤️❤️❤️ :)
  8. edude0
    Version: 2.1.2
    Because the person right below me is a complete idiot and left a 1 star review for no reason. Plugin works completely as intended without issues on Paper 1.14.4. Ty for all the great work you do PCP u da man <3
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Right? Lmfao. Appreciate the kind words man, I really do ❤️
      I'm glad you enjoy the resource and thank you for the kind review!
  9. Top
    Version: 2.1.1
    Is a good plug-in, developers quickly fix problems And thank you again
    1. PCPSells
      Author's Response
      Appreciate the review ❤️ no problem man
  10. DanDanisme
    Version: 2.1.1
    AntiDrop v2.1.1 Total: 4.102 s Pct: 1.25%
    Pct Total Pct Tick Total Avg PerTick Count Event
    0.88% 410.09% 2.87 s 205.05 ms 0.0 0.0k MainAD::onJoin(PlayerJoinEvent)
    0.38% 42.37% 1.23 s 21.18 ms 0.0 0.1k MainAD::onDropitem(PlayerDropItemEvent)