Anti Elytra Boost 2.2

Stop players from using fireworks or arrows to boost them self.

  1. Fixed for 1.13

    Fixed for 1.13
  2. Made compatibele with 1.13/1.14

    Made compatibele with 1.13/1.14
  3. AntiElytraBoost for Arrows

    Added an option to stop players from boosting them self by shooting them self with a bow.
  4. Exploit fix

    Fixed exploit where you could still use firework boosting if the fireworks were in your OffHand.
  5. New features

    - Players with the permission 'antielytraboost.bypass' will now bypass the plugin.
    - There is now a config file where you can set the message it sends players that try to boost them self, and set the worlds where this plugin should be active.