Anti Spawning - FREE 1.0.4

Mob spawning control down to the last detail.

  1. Trending_Gamer
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Anti Spawning

    Control every aspect of how mobs spawn on your server from natural spawning, breeding to when chunks generate.

    All of the settings are in one config file:
    Code (Text):
    natural-spawn: false
    spawners: false
    spawn-egg: false
    dispenser-spawn: false
    build-iron: false
    build-snow: false
    build-wither: false
    chunk-gen: false
    breeding: false
    chicken: false
    bat: false
    blaze: false
    cave_spider: false
    cow: false
    creeper: false
    enderman: false
    endermite: false
    ender_dragon: false
    ghast: false
    giant: false
    guardian: false
    horse: false
    iron_golem: false
    magma_cube: false
    mushroom_cow: false
    ocelot: false
    pig: false
    pig_zombie: false
    rabbit: false
    sheep: false
    shrulker: false
    silverfish: false
    skeleton: false
    slime: false
    snowman: false
    spider: false
    squid: false
    villager: false
    witch: false
    wither: false
    wolf: false
    zombie: false

    Main Features:

    • Control mob spawn breeding
    • Disable / enable the creation of the Wither / Iron Golems and Snow men
    • Easily toggle via the config
    false = un blocked
    true = blocked

    If you find a bug or a missing mob or like to add another feature post a suggestion in the discussion section.

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