Anti-Swear Alpha v1.01

A great new way of guarding your chat!

  1. CodeMan1996
    Me - Lead Developer (Looking for contributing Developers!)
    *Update* Version: Beta 1.02

    Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.31.24 AM.png Description

    stop them from saying inappropriate words even on sign or chat
    Coming soon!
    Will be released in the next update!
    • Will be released next update!

    • Stop chat swear
    • Configurable banned words
    • Config

    • There will soon be more! This is just an alpha!

      I am looking for a Co-Developer! If you would like to become a Co-Developer please PM me your skype, Or add it to reviews!

Recent Updates

  1. Tweaking abd bug fixing

Recent Reviews

  1. Wecool
    Version: Alpha v1.01
  2. eepgames
    Version: Alpha v1.01
    May you please add Anti-Caps so people can't abuse capital letters either, if you add that, 5 stars.
    1. CodeMan1996
      Author's Response
      Most certainly. I will defiantly work on that. I think I can have this done by Tuesday (Judging by my plans with week). I appreciate the review.
  3. devioursoul
    Version: Alpha v1.01
    Overall looks good and efficient, exactly what I am looking for.
    Just a blacklist and nothing more, many plugins have the same features and this will only serve as a resource hog to servers.

    Just one thing though,

    When I installed I got a config file, but it was empty instead of having
    the config of the jar file.

    Either way, I like this clean and simple plugin, if you fix this I will give it 5 stars :)
    1. CodeMan1996
      Author's Response
      I will fix that asap! Thank you for the great review. I will start working on that asap!