Anti Swearing 1.0


  1. Raymart
    Anti - Swearing


    This plugin completely stops swearing of any kind on your server by configuring the plugins correctly.This plugin is highly configurable and almost always can give you exactly what you want!

    Hiring YouTubers I am currently looking for someone to make a video for this plugin! The best video after a few days will be featured on this plugin page. Every video must show how the plugin works and a setup tutorial (including config). Post a link to your videos in the comments! video must contain voice " so they can understand easily " Now I need Any Language Youtuber ..


    • configurable words
    • ban any words that you want
    • no limit in listing banned words
    Lets take a look at config.yml

    Banned-Words: <words that you wanted to be banned> - example1 - example2

    sensitive-words: <words that if player wanted to tell InGame it cause kicking them> - example1 - example2

    so if you wanted to chat example1 and example2 it will decline because those words are banned so what are you waiting for ? take a look at this plugin ..

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    For Sample Warning Check this :

    YouTube : ( English )

    Permission Nodes :

    AntiSwearing.bypass = saves you from kicking
    AntiSwearing.ignore = saves you from Warning
    AntiSwearing.* = All permission for AntiSwearing


Recent Reviews

  1. fantasticbaby44
    Version: 1.0
    Very good plugin. Maybe you can add editing of the messages thats pops up when you curse. Also a config reload thing in game. Thanks for this wonderful plugin tho :)
    1. Raymart