Anti-VPN 2.0.4

Get the best; save money on overpriced plugins and block VPN users!

  1. API Separation & Bungee Plugin

    * API (and methods for accessing it) remain the same
    * Moved pure API implementation to its own project
    * Added Bungee version
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  2. 1.13 & JSON Fixes

    * 1.13-ready
    * Fixed issues with JSON parsing
    * Updated base libs
  3. IPDetector Fixes & Service Re-Ordering

    * Fixed issue with IPDetector API erroring out
    * Fixed some (mostly harmless) SQL errors
    * Re-ordered VPN list in favor of services that perform better based on tests
    * Added 'free' IPDetector API key to default config
    * Updated base libs
  4. Hanging thread fix

    * API will (hopefully) no longer hang randomly when fetching from SQL
    * Updated base libs
  5. Added more options to config.yml

    * Added "kick" optional to the config which allows for custom anti-VPN implementations through the API

    If you'd like to not lose the config comments, please add the following to the end of your current config file before updating:
    Code (Text):
    # When true, will kick players found to be using VPNs
    # Disable this is you intend to use your own kicking/tagging systems using the API
    kick: true