Anti-VPN 2.4.14

Get the best; save money on overpriced plugins and block VPN users!

  1. Fixed PLAN Support Loading Error

    * Fixed issues with PLAN support killing the plugin. Sorry!
  2. Plan Support & Added New API

    * Added VoxProx API
    * Added Plan support
    * Fixed some minor issues regarding threading on shutdown
  3. Metrics Options & Minor Bug Fixes

    * Added option to check for updates
    * Added option to alert admins for new plugin updates
    * Added option to enable/disable error reporting
    * Added usage stats with option to disable
    * Fixed bad version/config update from 2.1
    * Fixed plugin version in plugin.yml
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  4. New Commands, Config Changes & Bug Fixes

    * Added avpncheck command
    * Added "consensus" option to config
    * Consensus function now caches properly
    * Improved speed of consensus & test functions considerably
    * Fixed various bugs with Redis, threading, SQL, etc
    * Anti-VPN now uses standard code format
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  5. More Features & Better API

    * Re-ordered default sources
    * Added /avpntest and /avpnscore commands
    * Updated deps
    * Better exception handling
    * Fixed Shodan API
    * Fixed error in MySQL while creating tables on some servers
  6. Minor Bug Fixes

    * Re-included Caffeine to fix some odd bugs - will want to fix later
    * Added "unknown server" to messaging
    * Fixed plugin.yml version
    * Updated base libs
  7. Loading error hotfix

    * Fixed loading error on 1.12 and below (sorry!)
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  8. 1.13 & Bug Fixes

    * Updated base libs
    * Completely overhauled configuration
    * Reduced console footprint and changed some colors
    * 1.13-compat
    * Fixed potential NPEs from having no channels
    * Fixed numerous issues with incorrectly shaded deps
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  9. New service

    * Added IPQualityScore service
    * Please add the following to your config (below the "getipintel" section) if you would like to keep comments

    Code (Text):
      # Detected Nord VPN and Cryptostorm Jul 21, 2018
        enabled: false
        # API key to use (Required for this service, free one available at )
        key: ''
        # Threshold above which an IP is considered "bad"
        threshold: 0.65
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  10. Quite a lot of misc bug fixes

    * Added a "prefetch" to player login on Bukkit that has no performance impact on the main thread. IPs will now be checked as early as possible
    * There is, by default, no longer a delay in IP check->kick on player login with Bukkit
    * Fixed an issue with SQL results not resturning properly
    * Fixed an issue with results not being cached quickly enough in internal memory
    * Bukkit "async" config option now defaults to false
    * Fixed error with Bungee SQLite jar not being found
    * Updated SQL jars