Anti-VPN 3.5.22

Get the best; save money on overpriced plugins and block VPN users!

  1. Error fixes, dep updates, minor annoyance fixes

    * Fixed overly-verbose output at shutdown
    * Fixed issue where plugin would conflict with DiscordSRV and throw exceptions on player login
    * Dep updates
    * Minor annoyance fixes
  2. Minor fixes & updates

    Updated dependencies to latest versions
    Fixed minor issue with bStats data
    API now uses sane parent versioning (API can now be included into any project without installing)
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  3. Few more bug fixes

    Fix #7 (IPDetector service/host not found)
    Updated PLAN dep
    Fixed NoClassDefFoundError when not using PLAN
    Added PLAN hook to Velocity
    Updated config, fixed a small bug in config versioning
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  4. Many bugs fixed!

    * Improved MySQL speed
    * Added SSL option for remote databases
    * Fixed event handling for Bungee version
    * Fixed thrown NPEs when requesting API calls
    * Fixed errors on shutdown
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  5. Bug Fixes & Events

    Re-ordered event priority to play with other plugins more nicely
    Fixed deps, code cleanup, fixed some exceptions, fixed SQL
    Fixed issue with plugin sometimes not kicking player
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  6. Reload Fixes

    Fixed issue where reload command wouldn't reload services like SQL, Redis, or rabbit
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  7. Massive Overhaul Update

    Refactored the entire system, better commands, much better event/Redis handling, and so much more.
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  8. Fixed PLAN Support Loading Error

    * Fixed issues with PLAN support killing the plugin. Sorry!
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  9. Plan Support & Added New API

    * Added VoxProx API
    * Added Plan support
    * Fixed some minor issues regarding threading on shutdown
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  10. Metrics Options & Minor Bug Fixes

    * Added option to check for updates
    * Added option to alert admins for new plugin updates
    * Added option to enable/disable error reporting
    * Added usage stats with option to disable
    * Fixed bad version/config update from 2.1
    * Fixed plugin version in plugin.yml
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