Anti-VPN 4.9.31

Get the best; save money on overpriced plugins and block VPN users!

  1. New source + better exceptions

    * Added ip2proxy
    * Made better/more readable exceptions
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  2. New sources & minor fixes

    * Removed VoxProx (website is gone)
    * Added IPHunter
    * Added Teoh
    * Score fixes (new IPs)
    * Minor spelling fixes
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  3. Tons of bug fixes

    * Fixed issue with a random "method not found" exception on load, regarding Guava
    * Fixed issue where sources would on rare occasion clog the main auth threads, causing serious problems
    * Resolved some random issues with other plugins
    * Fixed bad expires/offsets with Redis/RabbitMQ
    * Fixed "runs better on X" message firing when using a forked project
    * Code cleanup with fetching player name/UUID
    * Fixed minor spelling error
  4. Added configurable commands, bug fixes

    * Added ability to automatically run commands with VPN login (as well as kicking the player)
    * Fixed issue with re-loading sources and ChatControl
  5. Bug fixes, dep updates

    * Fixed load order for ChatControl to prevent an edge-case bug
    * Fixed some minor annoyances
    * Updated deps
  6. More loading speed improvements!

    * Increased loading speed another ~25x
    * Fixed edge-case in SQL where non-standard timezones would crash the plugin.
  7. Minor Bug Fixes, Performance

    * Improved load time of the plugin by 300-800%
    * Fixed edge-case with consensus mode running out of sources and SQLite failing with a seemingly-unrelated error
  8. Codebase Rewrite

    Not quite a full rewrite of everything, but pretty close! This offers performance improvements, better support for more systems, and of course some odd bug fixes.

    Also added a new source, IPWarner.
  9. Update to 1.14

    Sorry this took me so long! This is just a hotfix/quick-fix update for 1.14. Nothing special or notable here except a new text file in the plugin directory.
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  10. Error fixes, dep updates, minor annoyance fixes

    * Fixed overly-verbose output at shutdown
    * Fixed issue where plugin would conflict with DiscordSRV and throw exceptions on player login
    * Dep updates
    * Minor annoyance fixes