Anti-Xray-Plus 1.1.1

Anti-Xray Monitoring Plugin

  1. Orf1
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    Anti-Xray-Plus is the best solution to stop people from using Xray-Cheats on your server. This plugin analyzes the amount of diamond_ore to stone ratio that your players mine and uses that to determine if they are likely to be cheating! Unlike other Anti-Xray plugins on spigot, this one requires NO DEPENDENCIES! And it works perfectly without changing any config settings! Just drag this plugin into your plugins folder and it works on restart! All settings are fully configurable and plugin is compatible with ALL 1.13+ versions of minecraft!

    If you have ANY suggestions or bugs to report, make sure to contact me by adding Orf#0001 or joining my support discord:

    Reloading this plugin is not fully supported and may cause issues!

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    /antixrayplus [Player]

    Brings up info about the player:
    - Stone Mined
    - Diamond_Ore Mined
    - Ratio
    (Shows warning if player is detected for xray)

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    (Allows usage of /antixrayplus)

    antixrayplus.alerts (Receive XRAY detection alerts)

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    If you need any support, feel free to join:

Recent Updates

  1. 1.1.1
  2. 1.1.0
  3. 1.0.8

Recent Reviews

  1. Little_He
    Version: 1.1.0
    A good plugin!Hope to add more ores detect
    It works well on my survival servers.
    1. Orf1
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Planning on adding more ores and netherite as soon as possible, its just difficult to incorporate netherite into the plugin because many people blast mine and that does not show up as a block broken.
  2. LordNoisy
    Version: 1.0.6
    good plugin to stop xrayers and keep a good experience on survival servers. works well for supported versions
    1. Orf1
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear you like the plugin!
  3. GrowlyX
    Version: 1.0.2
    This plugin is really good for survival server's looking to get rid of their hackers, and give all of their players a good experience. Overall, this is a great plugin, and you should download it and give this guy a good review too!
    1. Orf1