AntiAntiKnockback/AntiVelocity (force movements or kick) 1.4

Stop players from using AntiKnockback on your server! Kick or force them to accept the knockback!

  1. Friwi
    Welcome to my first contribution on

    This Plugin should stop all cheaters on your Server using AntiKnockback.

    Features at this moment:

    - Detect players using AntiKnockback and notify admins
    - Warn users when they got detected (customizeable message)
    - Kick users after AntiKnockback has been detected several times (customizable message)
    - Force the movement after several detections (when the player has AntiKnockback he gets teleported along the way by the server :D)

    How does it work?

    When you attack another Player in Minecraft, the player is always beeing lifted into the air. If they use AntiKnockback, they will not be lifted up.

    The Plugin checks for velocity packets beeing sent to the player. If the velocity on the y axis is positive, it checks if the player moves up. If not, does what you told it in the config.yml

    1. Kick the player
    2. Or force the player to accept the knockback


    1. Drag and drop the downloaded jar to your plugins folder.
    2. Start Server and stop it again
    3. Edit the plugins/AntiAntiKnockback/config.yml
    4. Have fun!


    - antiantiknockback.*: Grants all permissions used by this plugin
    - antiantiknockback.bypass: Bypass beeing kicked for AntiKnockback
    - antiantiknockback.notify: Every player with this permission gets notified about AntiKnockback users


    - ProtocolLib

    For developers:

    Check for KickEvents with the correct message and handle them on your own.


    Use your favorite decompiler :)


    You may use this plugin free of charge. When you use my code for your purposes, please give credit.
    Redistributing this plugin requires written permission of the author.


    You like my work? Consider buying me a beer :)


Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 1.4
    it works but its rlly easy to bypass thats why im giving it 2 stars cause it does work but its easy to bypass at the same time
  2. RainOfPain125
    Version: 1.4
    Extreme amount of false positives on my server. Don't know why.

    NCP is working fine aswell as other plugins
    1. Friwi
      Author's Response
      This plugin was made for MC 1.7, not 1.12. It's possible that it has false positives by now.
  3. AnnaElizabethLV
    Version: 1.4
    Plugin Foda Para um caralho! detecta melhor que anticheat pago!!!
    unica coisa que ele não esta kickando, irei ver se é problema do server ou a versão que estou utilizando. Usa ele cara!!!
  4. SrLeojaco
    Version: 1.4
    Good plugin. Works fine. Some false positives, but when a player is detected several times it is always akb.
    1. Friwi
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I'm kind of excited that after more than 2 years everything still works as expected :D Thank you for your review :)
  5. Nish
    Version: 1.4
    works but has a bug.
    when moveattempts = 0 sometime players pass through walls.
    please fix this !!!!
  6. train21
    Version: 1.4
    Amazing simple plugin. This is so simple and it works. Also detects modified antiknockback which is awesome!
  7. final_fire
    Version: 1.4
    very useful plugin xD
    Compared to the other "Big Plugin" this plugin appear very powerful

    i think you can add come new Features for anti "Popular Hacks"

    e.g "FastClick" "Speed" or "KillAura"

    Do not like the "AAC". A lot of useless features : )
  8. theslayer
    Version: 1.4
    Its a beautiful plugin, you must perfomance the knockback forcing to more distance. You are the man.
  9. RodriS
    Version: 1.4
  10. Bolean
    Version: 1.4
    This might be nice cause it has positive reviews