AntiArmorStandStack [Exploit fix] - <Supports Vehicles and HolographicDisplay> Build 1

Fix the exploit where stacking armorstands at the same place will crash your server.

  1. Gober
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    [Haven't tested on 1.12 or 1.8 but it should be working, tell me if it doesn't]

    This guy lagged the entire server with thousands of armorstands. So I made up a counter measure.
    • Auto clean every 10 minutes (Configurable)
    • Removes armorstands per ticks to prevent lags
    • Uses custom checks to prevent double checking/unnecessary loads.
    • Optimized for the better
    • Ignores invincible and or invulnerable armorstands (Support for Vehicles, Holograms, or similar plugins)
    Code (YAML):
    clear_interval: 600 #every x seconds 600 = 10 minutes requires plugin restart
    : 2 #how many armorstands to check and unstack every tick, the higher the faster
    : true #Give the armorstand an invisible custom name (players cant see it) to skip checks
    : true # Lock the gravity of the armorstand who has been checked.
    aass.PNG aasshelp.PNG

Recent Reviews

  1. GazorYT
    Version: Build 1
    This plugin is so good it clears stacked armor stand to prevent server crash, excellent developer :D
    also if can add message when stacked armor stand is cleared