AntiBadMovements 1.2


  1. SammyXArtz
    Hello everyone! This is my first Java Plugin posted so im still a beginner of developing plugins.

    Info: This plugin disables the following: Sleep on beds, and Throw Eggs
    Additonal Feature: DeathKick
    Commands: None

    Planned Features:
    OP can throw eggs
    OP can sleep on beds
    OP wont get kicked on death
    and more to come

    Have a suggestion? Just comment down below

    Jesseke: An malicous code.......

    Well that is fixed it was a wrong file so please update your review :)


    1. 0001.png

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed No kick on banned rules

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  1. jessegeerts
    Version: 1.0
    1. SammyXArtz
      Author's Response
      We have fixed that please recheck if it is still the wrong source code