AntiBots 1.21

Stops non-proxied spam bots before they can say "snickledumper".

  1. Htgan
    This is a drag and drop, no complication, no configuration plugin. Use this on your hub server to stop bots as they join your server.

    Check how well and how fast it works in my video here​

    To use this plugin you MUST have your IP's properly forwarded to your spigot server through the bungeecord.
    Check the documentation on bungeecord config if you do not know how to properly forward the player IP's.
    If you are not running a bungeecord, just drag and drop and the plugin will work.

    What this plugin does:
    Each time a different player joins on the same IP within 30 seconds of the first join, the IP address will be given 1 strike. When the IP reaches 5 strikes (configurable in the config), all players that joined on that IP will be banned and logged.
    The IP address will also be banned and logged.

    There is an option to disable the above behavior and to add your own console commands to the config instead.

    You may also whitelist an IP address which allows unlimited joins of different players in any given period of time on that specific address.
    Optionally you may also enable automatic whitelisting, which will always pick up and whitelist the IP of an OP or any player with the permission node "antibots.whitelist".

    You may also enable the silent blacklisting feature, which silently logs an IP when it violates the amount of different playerjoins allowed as well as logging all violating players to a file. You can then, at any time, execute the command /ab banblacklist to ban every single bot that's been detected and recorded.

    /antibots or /ab
    /ab [whitelist/blacklist] [add/remove] <ip>
    /ab banblacklist

    antibots.whitelist - assigned to OP by default, this will grant immunity to the player and automatically add his IP to whitelist upon joining
    antibots.command.whitelist - assigned to OP by default, this will allow you to perform /ab whitelist [add/remove] <ip>
    antibots.command.blacklist - assigned to OP by default, this will allow you to perform /ab blacklist [add/remove] <ip> as well as /ab banblacklist

    This plugin cannot defend you against proxied botters at its current state, I may add workaround for that in the future.

    #This is the config for Antibots
    #Please don't modify the version setting
    version: 1.10

    #Strikes given to any IP within a 30 second time frame (default is 5)
    #The smaller the value, the more strict Antibots will be. Recommended range 3(most strict) - 10(least strict)
    strikes: 5

    #Use automatic whitelisting of specific players' IP's?
    #Players who are OP or have the permission "antibots.whitelist" will automatically be granted immunity to Antibot
    #Any subsequent logins on their IP will not be marked as suspicious nor will be banned.
    auto-whitelist: true

    #Instead of banning a botter's IP and the players, blacklist the IP and await further instructions
    #A blacklisted IP will not be banned, rather monitored, any account that has logged in with a blacklisted IP will be recorded
    #"/antibots banblacklist" can be executed to ban every player who has ever joined on a blacklisted IP
    #If "run-commands:" below is set to true, then the command specified after "onBanBot:" will be run for every player in the blacklist.
    silent-blacklist: false

    #Run console commands on banning of bots and IPs?
    #Run specified console commands on banning of players/IPs
    run-commands: false

    #custom command you want to run on banning of IP, and command run on banning of each bot connected through that IP
    #You do not need to type the / in front of the command, <name> and <ip> will be replaced with actual bot playername and IP
    #Commands here must be valid commands that one of your other plugins provides
    #Example onBanBot: "tempban <name> 12hours Banned for spam botting"
    #Example onBanIP: "ipban <ip> spam botting"
    onBanIP: "say You have enabled custom onBanIP command but not specified actual command"
    onBanBot: "say goodbye <name> try botting somewhere else"

    #Disable default banning
    #It is highly recommended that you set this to "true" when you've assigned custom banning commands in the above option
    #Or that you have enabled silent blacklisting
    disable-default: false

    Kick/Ban proxied bots/IP's when they spam in chat.​


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Recent Reviews

  1. gomero
    Version: 1.21
    one question!
    It just ban the person who try to put bots or to the all server?
    All Players or just who try to put bots?
    And another question!
    It ban all bots like all those bots try to join and will get ban
    and beacuse l use LiteBans can spam the chat to banning all bots or just ban the person who try to put the bots?
    and l see the plugin is good just those question!! <3
  2. TMCThomas00
    Version: 1.21
    Thnx! Works great :D
  3. Thunder_Remix
    Version: 1.21
    Banned the test bots successfuly! :D
  4. melody909
    Version: 1.20
    nice plugin
    Suggestion: if the same IP in a certain period of time (3 minutes or 5 minutes or 10 minutes) join server with 10 or more accounts ,then the plugin automaticly ban this ip.
    hope you can add this feature : )
    1. Htgan
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the support! But wouldn't what you're asking for defeat the purpose of this plugin? 10 minutes for 10 bots, that means you're allowing 9 bots to spam on your server for a minimum of 9 minutes before the plugin stop them.
      The amount of bots allowed is already configurable, from 3 - 10.
      The amount of time is set to 30 seconds which is the most effective and efficient.
  5. toxictroop
    Version: 1.12
    Works like a charm banning all bots under the same ip! the only downside would be proxy based bots.
    1. Htgan
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I am working on a workaround for that! It will ban them as soon as they try to spam the same text!
  6. hund35
    Version: 1.01
    1. Htgan
      Author's Response
      Thanks YOU! An update is coming up really soon with some new features.
  7. Siceth
    Version: 1.01
    A few days ago on my network, someone decided to spam the default server with bots. In pure coincidence, this plugin was at the very top of the list, and I downloaded it right away. Although I haven't had a chance to spam it with bots yet, this resource looks very promising - Keep it up!
    1. Htgan
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the support, I coded this because I've been a victim of bot spamming from many different parties. I hope this plugin is the beginning of bot-free servers.