AntiBowspam 1.2d

Nerfs Bowspam without interfering with fun

  1. glatteis
    Bowspam (shooting your bow rapidly to get an unfair advantage in combat) is a big problem of Minecraft PvP. But hold on, AntiBowspam is here to help you out!

    With AntiBowspam, the damage and/or knockback of the arrow decreases if you rapidly fire your bow. With that, bowspam gets a lot less OP.
    The time interval of this is configurable.

    enabled: <boolean> If the plugin is enabled or not. Defaults to true.
    time: <int> The time interval in ticks until the bow is "fully charged" and can shoot a arrow with its original power. (1 Tick = 1/20th of a second.) Defaults to 30.
    affectKnockback: <int> If AntiBowspam should affect knockback, meaning if knockback should decrease when bowspamming. As knockback is counted in levels, this should only be effective if the shooter has a bow with the punch enchantment. Defaults to true.
    affectDamage: <int> If AntiBowspam should affect damage, meaning if damage should decrease when bowspamming. Defaults to true.

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Recent Reviews

  1. AwesomeHasMemes
    Version: 1.2d
    Just amazing. I hate bowspam to death and it makes me so mad, especially that we have the new combat system.
  2. helptiger
    Version: 1.2d
    For me it's very useful plugin to nerf the bow damage in the 1.9 version a little bit. THX to glatteis for his excellent work!