AntiBreak 1.0

"Essential For All Hubs!"

  1. A_Brave_Panda

    AntiBreak is a plugin that does not allow players without permission to break blocks. It will send a warning to the player who does break a block! (toggleable) ​
    Make sure you delete the old config before implementing the new one!

    break.antibreak - Allows the player to break blocks

    Code (Text):
    #If Plugin Is Enabled, true/false

    Enabled: true

    #If Break Message Is Enabled, true/false
    Break Message Enabled: true

    #Set Plugin Prefix.
    Prefix: '&4&lAntiBreak: '

    #Set Break Message.
    Break Message: '&6&lNo Breaking!'

    Chat Colors!
    &1 - Dark Blue &2 - Dark Green
    &3 - Aqua &4 - Dark Red
    &5 - Dark Purple &6 - Gold
    &7 - Light Grey &8 - Dark Grey
    &9 - Light Purple &0 - Black
    &a - Green &e - Yellow
    &b - Blue &d - Pink
    &f - White &c - Red
    &l - BOLD

    %player% Variable - Shows player's name that broke a block!

    Coming Soon

    Ask in comments what you want!​

Recent Reviews

  1. NiTaku
    Version: 1.0
    Very good and easy to use!
    Ik its an old plugin but my server is only for 1.8 pvp
    congrats m8 :)
  2. Lucs_TV
    Version: 1.0
    Also ich habe das Plugin für einen Server vom Freund heruntergeladen und es ist leicht zu benutzen. Es ist auch sehr gut denn es macht was es soll.
    1. A_Brave_Panda
      Author's Response
      "So I downloaded the plugin for a server from the friend and it is easy to use. It is also very good because it does what it should."

      Thank you for the review! I appreciate it. However, be careful as this plugin has not been updated since 2016.