AntiBuild 1.0

An ultra lightweight plugin that prevents players from placing/mining blocks if they lack permission

  1. floory565
    AntiBuild is an ultra lightweight plugin that prevents players from mining and/or placing blocks if they lack the required permissions!

    Have you got a "guest" rank on your server, where users must register on the website to be promoted to "member"? Then use this plugin to prevent them from building as a guest, and hence entice them to register on your website!

    • Ultra lightweight - no config and no commands! (1.5KB ONLY!)
    • Prevents those who lack the required permissions from placing/mining blocks.
    Permission Nodes:
    • Mining blocks: antibuild.mine
    • Placing blocks:
    To do:
    • Add images of the plugin.
    • Add a message that is sent to users.
    • Any other suggestions you may have!
    Note: Don't forget to drop a review, vote, like and rating!
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Recent Reviews

  1. aries45
    Version: 1.0
    Its good ;D When your rank are member and have not enough perms this plugin will for you!! Good job i recommend powerranks plugin for ranks