AntiCombatLog 1.1.0

Prevent players from logging out to escape combat situations.

  1. TheOddPuff
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    AntiCombatLog is an essential plugin for PvP servers. The plugin will tag players who are in combat, and kills them when they log out. This is useful to prevent players escaping combat by logging out. Players will see a message above their item bar which shows how long they are left in combat.

    How to use
    Place the .jar file in your plugins folder and reload/restart the server. Additionally, you can use the WorldGuard functionality if you have that plugin installed. The plugin is designed and tested on Minecraft 1.8.8 but should work fine on newer versions. Lower versions are not supported.

    • Combat messages are sent as action bar messages
    • Players can have different timer lengths using permissions
    • Configurable option to enable combat timer on mobs
    • WorldGuard support
    • acl.tag - Players with this permission will be tagged in combat (enabled by default)
    • acl.tag.timer.{seconds} - Changes the length of the combat timer
      Example: acl.tag.timer.40 will set the combat timer to 40 seconds
    Configuration gets reloaded automatically.
    Code (Text):
      combat-cooldown: 15          # Default cooldown if player has no permissions
      mobs-trigger-timer: false    # When enabled, player will be combat tagged if he gets hit by a mob
      worldguard-enabled: false    # When enabled, player will go out of combat if he enters a region with pvp disabled

    # Messages sent by the plugin
    # Setting a message to 'false' disables it
      in-combat: '&c&lIn combat for {0} seconds'
      out-of-combat: '&a&lOut of combat!'
      broadcast-kill-actionbar-message: '&b&l{0} got killed for combat logging!'

    Feature requests
    If you think this plugin is missing functionality, you can send me a private message and I will add the functionality if it's possible.


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Recent Updates

  1. Small update adds a few cool features

Recent Reviews

  1. DarkWaterHd
    Version: 1.1.0
    So you can /spawn right in middle of battle ?? I don't see any where you can disable commands while in combat
  2. ItzProtomPvP
    Version: 1.1.0
    Very nice plugin and easy to configure. Overall the plugin is very well constructed. Very good job on this plugin :)
  3. mohamed
    Version: 1.0.0
    Good plugin but can you please make more plugins and i want to ask you does it bother you that I Create your plugins ?
  4. Marvin17005
    Version: 1.0.0
    Good Plugin!
    But i need an ActionBar Broadcast when a Player combatlogs! :)
    All in one the CombatLog Plugin to edit to ActionbarLog ist a nice Idea! :)
    1. TheOddPuff
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the review. I will add that in the next update :)