AntiCombatLog 1.2

Simple Anti Combat Logging Plugin.

  1. MLGProCookie
    • Disable Flight in PvP
    • Disable Creative in PvP
    • Disable Teleporting in PvP
    • Disable Commands in PvP
    • Disable Disguise in PvP (DisguiseCraft)
    • Configurable tag time
    • All Messages are configurable
    • WorldGuard Support
    • Disabled Worlds list

    • /ct - Shows your current tag time (Aliases: combattag, combat and combatlog)

    • anticombatlog.bypass - Anyone who has this permission will never get tagged.
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Recent Reviews

  1. BoomLikeADuck
    Version: 1.0
    I have one complaint/request. I want to be able to either change the color of "AntiCombatLog" or make it something else. Please add this so it doesn't restart the config when you do...