AntiCreativePvp 2.7.2

A simple light weight plugin that will stop players in creative from damaging others

  1. jacklin213
    AntiCreativePvp (a.k.a ACP) is a light weight anti-pvp plugin for people on creative mode. It will stop bad Mods, Donors, Builders from going around and killing people. ACP blocks killing in forms of: Melee, Ranged, PoisionSplashPotions. This plugin still allows players to attack anything else. This plugin was requested by @HarrisAz HERE
    The plugin also comes with a God Mode and Fly Mode

    ACP was also featured in a MinecraftSpotLight HERE

    UpdateChecking / AutoUpdating
    This plugin now uses Gravity's Updater class. This means that the plugin will connect to the website to gather information about the plugin when there is an update and weather to download it automatically. This is configurable inside of the config.yml so if you don't want the functions feel free to set UpdateCheck/AutoUpdate to false

    This can be found on the project page HERE along with addition information

Recent Updates

  1. Updated to 1.8.7, Support Java 7+